August 07, 2016


Yeah being nice is a good thing but somethings it can be a bad thing because of its softness and passivity. Sometimes being nice is just letting things happen and taking things for granted. There is no resistance, there is no retaliation which sometimes are needed.

If being nice is what the world needs then there is no need to look for a job or compete with anyone. There is no need to work hard or sacrifice for something.

Yeah, you are nice to your wife. You take care of her, you say good things to her, you treat her like a queen. But you are only nice because you don't have a job, you were so afraid that she might leave you if you are not nice to her. Now tell me is being nice enough? do you think she will not leave you one day if you can't give her what she needs? Do you think just being nice turns her on and will ensure you that she will stay with you forever? I bet not, so your being nice to her is not enough. You need to become a little nasty, go find a fucking job and make her happier.

You are so nice to your kids. You give them everything, you are spoiling them. You are not contradicting their ideas, you just let them what they wanted to be and do everything they wanted to do. Now tell me, is being so much nice to your kids gonna make them a good individual when they grow up? I bet your kids will become bullies when they grew up because you didn't disciplined them enough. Those spoiled little brats should be spanked sometimes. They should fear you because they respect you, and not fear you because you will not give them what they want.

You're such  nice teammate, you always give them high five. You hand the towel to them when they are sweating, you give them drink when they are thirsty. You are nice but when your team needs a contribution from you like points or defense, can you give it? You are so nice to them, you are even nice to your opponents but... is your being nice gonna make your team win? You are nice in a wrong way, you better change your game or else... you will not win in life. You will be forever a "nobody" if you continue living that way.

Being nice is nice but sometimes it will not give you what you want, you will be bullied if you are nice, you can't contribute if you are always nice.

And sometimes you are just using "being nice" as an excuse to get comfortable. I know you have a nastiness inside of you that will get the job done and will make your life better. I know there is something inside of you that want to get out. It is time to set yourself free, it is time to get a little badder.