August 16, 2016


Fear will never go away no matter how hard you push it. Even if you read 5 million motivational books and memorize 1 billion motivational quotes... you will never erase fear in your life. It is what it is. A man without fear doesn't exist or maybe that man  has a psychological problem or something. Fear is what makes a human normal, if you don't have fear then you better visit the nearest psychiatrist in your place.

So if fear can never go away.. Now, it is time to be scared the right way. If you will be scared everytime you face a challenging situation then choose where will you be scared of. Fear can never disappear but we as humans can choose what to be scared of.

Everything has the right and wrong versions so being scared of something can be right or wrong too.

For example you don't have a job and you pass an application, two days later the company calls you for an interview. And of course you will be scared. But you should choose what to be scared of. Instead of being scared about being rejected and falling short, you should be scared of your family having no food to eat. You should be scared of your wife will get angry again if you didn't get the job. You should be scared of the people whom you have debts and are wanting to get their money back as soon as possible. In other words you should be scared of the consequences that you have to face if you didn't get the job. This kind of mindset will make you do everything to get the job, you will look for every possible edge to secure the job. You will give your best during the interview, your fear of failing will subside because you use your fear the right way.

If you are competing in some kind of a sports or combat... you shouldn't fear your opponents even if they look stronger than you. The only thing that you should fear is the feeling of regret. You will feel it in the end because you lost not by being weaker but because you didn't give your best.

You fear the wrong way, you fear your opponents instead of losing. If you will fear the feeling of regret than you will give your best, you will not focus on your opponents instead you will do whatever it takes to win. Because even if you lose... if you give your best then you will not feel regretful in the end.

If you are in a big stage and there are lot of people looking at you, you become anxious, you started to behave like not the real you. In other words you are scared of the people. This is wrong again. You shouldn't be scared of them, you shouldn't be scared of what will they say instead you should be scared about your time being wasted and you are not enjoying it. You are wasting your time thinking about what people say so you cannot enjoy your life anymore, that is the thing that you should be scared of.

The reality is you will become scared no matter how brave you are, there will be situations that you cannot control that will scare you. There will be random events that is unfamiliar to you that will also scare you. The solution for this is you should fix your mindset. You should fear the right way so you can still become very effective and a right thinking individual when your fear sets it. You should be able to transfer your fear into another subject so you can take control what is going on and make better results in your life.