August 22, 2016


If you are losing there is nothing to worry about because something good will happen to to you. Because when you are losing, it only means the next order of sequence is winning, and it is up to you if you wanted to win or not.

When the lead of your opponent is very big, when your business is going down, when you're already beaten up, when you have zero balance in your ATM, when your team have the lowest seed in standing... stay calm, your situation will change if you will stay positive and keep working hard. It is much better if you will work harder than earlier, harder than yesterday, harder than last week.

Losing doesn't mean you already lost, you're just in a bad spot. A spot where weak people doesn't want to be in because they know they cannot survive it. Even if it looks like it is really impossible to win... still try to win.

Great people doesn't lose hope even if they are losing. They are not even rattled when the pressure is very high. They still manage to find a way to turn things around.

The greatest athletes, the greatest competitors, the greatest businessmen and other personalities... they don't mind if they were down by a big margin. They don't care if people think that their run is over. They just keep on going and going and going until they put themselves back in the lead again.

Have you ever seen a fight where you think the fight is almost over? The other fighter is badly beaten up, he is breathing heavily but still he manages to turn things around and win the fight in the end.

That is what great people does. They are very good in weathering the storm, staying calm during adversity and then give everything they've got in the end.

So when you you are losing it means it is your time to shine. It means you have the chance to make history and amazed people how great you are. Show them your heart, show them that your business is all about winning.