August 24, 2016


The world is so unfair but you can be fair to yourself. You can make a decision based on your own instincts and without the influence of others. Even if someone will get hurt emotionally, you can still decide for your own good. You can be fair in making decisions that will favor you because you paid your dues and you know you deserve more.

Be fair to yourself, it is unfair to yourself if you will lend someone who is so irresponsible in handling his own money. You are not buying expensive things, you are being thrifty, you are saving money everyday, you are eating the shits that you don't want because you want to achieve financial freedom so it is really unfair to yourself if you will feel pity for someone who knows nothing but instant gratification. You sacrificed, you felt the pain and now someone wants to escape punishment for his irresponsible behavior because he wants to borrow some money from you? Be fair to yourself, don't have a soft heart always. It is time to think for yourself more, don't ever let someone borrow money from you if they don't deserve it.

Be fair to yourself, you've been practicing everyday, trying to make yourself better, you've been working hard and nobody can outwork you. And now you are letting someone take your position because he is more confident than you? you are letting someone be the star because he uses politics? it is time to make your self evident. DO whatever it takes to take the spotlight. Claim what is yours, enjoy the stardom that your hardwork can attract. Think nothing else other than being the man. Be fair to yourself because you deserve it. Never let fear distracts you from being the star, you have what it takes, claim what you think is yours.

The reason why you can't become successful is you are not being fair to yourself. You always think of other people. You are thinking if you are hurting them, you are thinking if you are being mean.You already paid the dues, it is time to think big and avoid being super cautious. If you don't want to unintentionally hurt them then you will hurt yourself in the end. You will regret it in the end that you did not act courageously and put yourself on the top. You become what you think about. If you think that you don't deserve to be happy then you will not.


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