August 04, 2016


If you want to get something sometimes you will ask, you will ask for the complete details, you will ask for the steps and the necessary information but you shouldn't ask for the main thing, I mean you shouldn't ask for the fruits, you should only ask for the roots.

Some people, if they want to get a job... they will ask their friends or relatives or co family members if they can be hired for a job right away. They are relying on the power of connections which is a wrong thing to do. They will expect that they will get a position because just like I said they have a connection. But if they weren't hired for a job, they will feel bad and blame their connections for not getting in. This is a weak approach, why will you blame someone who is willing to help you in the first place?

This is what I am talking about, you should ask for the roots and not the fruits. You should only ask if there is a job opening and not the job itself. You should ask for the details like where is the company located, who is the person to talk to, what is the best move to do, and the rest... you should do it yourself, you should apply for the job and not ask for the job. Because the moment you didn't get what you are expecting... you will cry like a bitch, blame the people who is helping you, make dramas and spread it to the world. You will have a victim mindset that will not help you in the first place.

I know some people, if they see someone earning a lot... they will ask for money or they will borrow money and will not return it. What a bitchy move again. If you also want to have some money, you shouldn't ask for it, you should ask how to get it, ask for some tips and advice and do the work. 

This generation is getting weak, people want some freebies and things that they didn't work to get it. They just want things handed to them without getting tired and sweating for it. If you will always ask for the final product and you get it for free, once that final product is gone, you cannot get it back because you don't know how to get it by yourself. 

It is ok to ask for some help but not a help like spoon feeding a baby. You should also have a big participation on it, you can't be acting like a don whose not doing anything and getting something. Those days were over. The days were a person will just use his mouth and succeed is over, this generation is the generation of grinders, hardworkers and believers. If you are not willing to be part of this generation then just shut your mouth and eat some garbage.

Again, ask for the roots not for the fruits!