August 06, 2016


You think you are alive but you were already dead, you are still breathing but that breathe is just a formality that your body is still functioning but the reality is you were already dead.

Why are you dead? it is simply because you are doing things that will kill you. You are doing things that won't make you feel alive. You are not pursuing your dreams, you just live your day without doing any significant actions that will make your life a better life. You just watch somebody else get their dreams while you are simply sitting in your chair waiting for your death to come.

You are still alive but you are killing yourself little by little. You are eating foods that are not allowed to you, you have a high blood pressure but you are eating fatty foods without any form of hesitation. You're like an assassin in devouring cholesterolic foods. You are smoking like a gasta, you feel that it is taking away your stress but in the end you will see that your body has been poisoned. Your death is just postponed, you think you are alive but you are not.

Man is the one responsible for his health and status in life, if you are not doing the right thing, if you are not discovering your strengths and capabilities then you were already dead a few years ago. Your life has no meaning, your life has no significance. It is a wasted life and nothing more than that. Sorry for speaking bluntly here but it is the reality.

And when you reach the last stage of your life, all you have is regrets. "I wish I did that, I wish I did it". Words from a person who wants to go back to the past but his body is already weak, his mind is already rusty. He can't do anything anymore but to just rest in his death bed, crying because the didn't feel what it feels to be really alive.

Now, if you still have some strength left, forget your past, forget what you have. Just pursue the things that you want to have, run for your dreams, take care of your health. DO what will make you better than yesterday.

You were dead for years but you can still revive yourself, what do you think are the things that make you scared? DO IT. What are the things that you think will make your life better? DO IT. I am telling you time is ticking. Every second our life is getting shorter and shorter. DO the things that will make your life significant.