August 20, 2016


"I almost win if I didn't stop"
"I almost got rich if the last number on my lottery card is the same as the last winning number"
"I almost made it to the NBA if I didn't get injured" (mild sprain ankle)
"I almost pass the exam if I weren't late"
"I almost have the american dream if my parents were supportive"

Almost, almost, endless almost coming out from the mouth of people who didn't made it. Almost is a word widely used by losers so they will have a great excuse for not winning. They use the word "almost" so they will somehow feel good about themselves. They will tell everyone that they almost succeed. They want sympathy, they want to look good even though they fell short in their run.

If you really almost made it then why didn't you try again? why did you become satisfied in coming up short? Almost is a make believe success. It is no different from failure. If you almost made it then you still fail. Regardless of the excuse you are presenting, even if you are so close to making it... you still fail.

Almost were not used by winners, it is widely used by people who have a lot of regrets in life. If you don't want to have regrets then you shouldn't settle with almost making it. You should push until the end. You should know what is the result if you try and try until you cannot try anymore.

And even if it is true that you are so close to making it, stop talking like you are great Great people never come up short, successful people only talk about the real results and not premature results.