August 31, 2016


In life, there are some things that you cannot explain, even the professionals or what kind of spiritual guru cannot explain. But one thing is for sure... hard work will work. Has it ever happened to you when you are working hard for so many weeks but you can't get results? Example you are looking for a client or work but no matter how hard you push and how patiently you seek to find something... you can't still find something. And then one day an opportunity will knock on your door even if you are not expecting it. You are just resting because you're so tired of seeking hard then some kind of a blessing will enter your life. This is because hardwork works, you already put in the work on earlier days, you seek hard, you give your all and now you are just resting for a while then suddenly an opportunity present itself to you. The easy part is now coming to your life because you were already finished in the hard part.

Look at those successful businessmen and millionaires. People think that their lives were very easy because they were rich and they are not doing anything and yet they are still earning. If you will ask those millionaires about their stories, almost all of them have the same stories. They struggle in the beginning, the were working like a dog and hustling like there is no more tomorrow. They spent months or even years to be in their position now. And now life is pretty much easier for them because they already succeed. It is a sentiment that hardwork first then easy work later is real. But you can interchange the two. You can relax now, chill a little bit, don't take things seriously but later you will be forced to work very very hard because you prioritized easy life first. Your laziness will be punished. It is up to you what order of work are you willing to follow.

Look at those fighters who almost killed themselves in training. When the fight day is already there... they dominate the fight. Sometimes all they get is little bruises. Everything is effortless for them, they were very confident that they will win. They work super hard before the fight and that is why the real fight looks super easy for them. They even knew that they are going to win just before the fight. Their hardwork is their assurance, they feel invincible. They knew exactly what to do, even if they made mistakes they can easily come back and finish the fight they way like it. They were like kings who can sentenced someone to death anytime they want to. They have full control in their fights.

That is how life works, that is how success works. You have to work super hard in the beginning, be patient and then success will come inside of your house easily. Sometimes success is a little bit late and you will get frustrated but you have to trust your process and keep working while success is not yet showing. And don't ever stop working hard everyday, you can rest if you really needed it but once you gain your strength back, go back to grinding again. Never let your momentum fades, never procrastinate or else you will have an ugly fate.

I've never seen someone who works really really hard and still fail. If there is then maybe that person quit in the end. Maybe that person has no goal, he is just working hard but his life has no direction, that is why he fail. You also have something to aim for if you are working hard or else your hardwork will be a work for nothing. So if you are killing yourself for working hard everyday, make sure you are shooting for the stars.

Hardwork is your number one ticket to success, if you keep on working everyday then there is nothing else to worry about. It is like you put your money in the bank and then there is a sure return in the end. Of course the bigger your hardwork the bigger will be the return.

If you are looking for an easy work and expecting bigger return then you are just dreaming. It may work for a short time but in the end you will have a hard time. Look at those people who believed in marketing scams. They thought that investing money and not working at all will make them rich, and what happened to them? Their money flew away and did not return. It is like a bird that escaped from the cage. If you are always looking for an easy way out, if you are always seeking for comfort then you will become even uncomfortable.

Hardwork is not hard if you will enjoy it, maybe it is hard in the beginning but if you become familiar with it and you are working hard everyday then hardwork will look very easy for you. It is just a matter of conditioning and repetition. You just need to work really hard for the first 21 days and then once you get used to it... your work ethic will become an auto pilot. You will even search for work if you are doing nothing. You're like a lion that wants to hunt everyday. You're like an eagle that keeps on flying even if it is raining.

Force yourself to work hard now or else you will be working forever until the end of your life. Look at those old people who were still working even though they are at their 80's or 90's. Yes, I agree that we should help them and we should feel sorry for them But if you will investigate their past... it is simply because they do nothing in their past. They are chilling like they have a lot of money, they never do something to change their situation and that is why they are suffering now. They can't even rest even if their body needs some resting. So do you want to be like them? If not then work super hard now while you still can.