August 22, 2016


If you accept that you can't do it anymore, if you accept that you already failed, if you accept that there is nothing you can do to win then that is the time you will start winning.

It is like you give up but you still keep fighting. You already don't care, you already raise the white flag but there is still a thought in you that you wanted to win. It is like faking a quit.

Once you achieved this state of mind... you are free. You are loose and you will become creative. You will not become defensive, you will not become cautious but you still think of winning, the only difference is you are not afraid to lose anymore. You are open to winning and losing. Your body becomes lighter, your mind is free from stress. You are not worrying anymore, and that makes you very dangerous.

You are ok to make mistakes because you tell yourself that it is impossible. But keep in mind that you are still open to winning. Only it is not that you are forcing so many things. You are detached from the outcome. Your mind is like water, just like what Bruce Lee says. The situation will become easier because you are not reaching for it anymore instead you are just allowing it to happen.

So if you are facing a very big challenge and you are pursuing a very difficult goal... when it seems like it is impossible to win... Accept it, accept that you cannot win but you are still open to winning. Just move, keep moving, keep doing the things that you can do. Still do your best but don't force too much. Just keep on plodding, forget about the time, forget about the difficulty of the challenge. Just carry on and you will see that you are already winning. Losing all hope was freedom.