August 22, 2016


I thought before that a repeater is slow, stupid and not capable of succeeding but after living for so many years and witnessing different types of people, after studying success and how life goes on... I found out that the most intelligent people in the world were the ones who always repeat. Yeah you heard me right... the repeaters were smarter.

Repetition is genius. The more you repeat something the more you become good at it. Some people who thought that they were intelligent will never repeat something that they already fail. For example in business, if they fail at a particular business, they will never try it again. They will jump into a conclusion that what they are doing will never succeed so they will stop it. Once they lost some money and they never succeed at their first try, they will  make a lot of excuses and will never dare to try for a second time. They will look for a new business and when they fail again they will stop again. They never succeed because they were so afraid to repeat. They always wanted a fresh start because they always thought that trying something new will make them succeed.

A student who wants to repeat his subject because he fail is smarter. It is because he wants to pass and his knowledge from the first take will be added to what he will learn when he repeat. He gain more knowledge than a student who just take the subject once. I am talking about a student who really wants to learn and not a student who will repeat because his parents forced him to. There are some people who repeat because they have no choice but there are some people who does because it's their choice.

If you already repeated something for a million times, not only about education but also about different things then you will become a genius in it.  Repeat slamming a door for a million times and you will become a genius at slamming a door. You will be able to know how to slam a door fast or slow. You will be able to know how to slam a door without doing a very loud sound and you will also be able to know how to slam a door with making a lot of noise that will annoy everyone in that house or building. You can be genius at anything that you are doing for a very long time. Even if that thing is nonsense or popular. You can be a genius in typing at your keyboard. You can do it without looking at it. You can be genius in ironing clothes, take it seriously and you will be able to iron a hundred clothes in just an hour. It is very simple, repetition is a genius.

If you repeat something for a long time, even if you don't get successful... you still get something from it. Your emotional immune system become stronger, you are not afraid of humiliation anymore because you already experience it a lot of times. That is why if you fail and fail, you will not become afraid of failure anymore. Because it is nothing new to you. And there is no other choice but to become successful. That is why a repeater is smarter.

Look at a hyped guy who hasn't experience failure for once. Once he failed at something, he will not try again. The explanation for this is very simple... he is traumatized. He is like a cat that has been watered by some kind of a naughty person. Cats doesn't want to take a bath. They didn't experience it everyday that is why when water strikes them... they feel they were going to die.

But if you were able to experience something for a hundred times, even if you are not a talented person... you will become good. People will be amazed at you. But deep inside you know that they can do it too only if they are willing to repeat as many times as you do.