August 07, 2016


So let's talk about friends now, most of you guys were so proud because you have a lot of friends. You feel so strong because in good times there are your friends with fancy clothes, nice cellphones, shiny bling bling etc. You feel somehow successful and someone who is on an elite class.

But wait a minute, are your friends really true to you? are your friends making your life better or miserable?

You can have all the nice looking friends in life that looks so rich and good but sometimes those looks were deceiving. There were some people who wants to look good so they spend most of  their money buying useless gadgets, clothes etc. just to look rich but in reality they were broke, these kinds of people usually are the ones who always borrow a lot of money and will not return it back.

So be careful with these kinds of people, they may smell good, look rich but in reality they were parasites. They act like they have something to be proud of and they can do something great but in real world... they were just gold diggers and dependent individuals. If you were associated with them, they will always borrow money form you, get something from you and will always ask for favor. And if you didn't grant their wishes... they will backstab you and they will invent a lot of stories about you and spread it to your other friends. Have you experience something like this? it is ridiculous right? it is hard to believe there are some people like this.

A real friend is someone who doesn't needed you. This is the truest qualification of a real friend. A real friend will always be shy to ask for your help or ask for a favor because he cares for you and doesn't want to disturb you. He knew that you might still help but deep inside you're a little bit angry because you've been disturbed.

 A real friend will not make your life miserable, he will not borrow some money or ask for a huge favor that is very hard to ignore. A real friend is concern for the status of his friend so he will not do anything that will give burden to his friend.

A real friend will always be there if you invite him in any kinds of occasion, he will give some time for you even if he is so busy. He will not just show up because he needed something. In other words your real friend doesn't need you, instead you need him.

And it is really true. A real friend doesn't want his friend to worry, feel bad and be disturbed because for him friendship is not all about helping each other, it is more of making each other's life better.