August 17, 2016


When the opportunity is there then it is the right time. When there is an offer, when there is a money knocking on your door but you have to take big risk then it is the right time.

People become superstitious about the timing, they make assumptions about was it the right time, are they ready, do they have the proper tools and proper preparation to become successful. They make a lot of assessments and gather a lot of data to make sure it is the right time.

Some fighters or even other athletes, when they experienced a little injury before the fight or any competition... they will never show up. They will make excuses such as their injuries were severe so they cannot perform. They will pretend that it is hurting so much and they cannot even move. Even if the injury is just a little sprain or bruise rib, they will think that it is not a good choice to continue competing. But there are some athletes who despite of having some injuries will decide to go. They will summon their courage and take a big risk. The good thing is, they even win. And those who did not take risks will envy them and will be regretful because they could have been victorious too if they show up.

Some people wants to start a business and when they heard on the news that recession is hitting their country... they will not start, they will think twice, they may even forget about it. That little adversity makes them worried, they think that they will fail even before they start. They think it is not the right time to start and that makes them stuck, it makes them thinking forever.

In anything that you will do, there will always be a little adversity. May it be about business, athletics, competition, studies etc. There will always be a little adversity but that doesn't mean that you don't have to keep moving. Stop being superstitious, stop being cautious. The chance is there, the idea is laid out, all you need to do is start, show up and do your best.

If you are prepared to succeed, if you are ready mentally then those adversities won't matter to you. You're like a freight train that is full speed to success without using brakes. You're like a pitbull that keeps on biting even if it is hurting. You won't feel the pain if you really want it. Regardless if you are ready or not... do it.

Because once you let your idea pass, once you postpone your ambition... it may never come to you again. You might be a failure forever wondering everyday what could have been. Adversities are nothing but possibilities. It has nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish.