August 31, 2016


People were having a hard time losing weight and become sexy again. It is simply because their willpower is weak. It is not about the method that you are using, it is not about the food that you are eating. In dieting, there is no specific technique needed. All you need is willpower and a vision to become healthier and oozing hot again. That's how simple it is, all you need is willpower and motivation to hit a specific weight that you were always dreaming of for a long time.

And some excuse makers will say "I don't need to diet, I love who I am and I accept who I am" but deep inside they were so sick and tired of how they look. They were always looking at the mirror every now and then to see if something changes on their body even though they were not doing anything, how funny isn't it? People who always says they don't want to diet wants to diet, they just don't have the willpower to do it. They just can't take the pain in doing it.

So to help these people that are losing willpower and motivation, I will reveal these dieting motivational ideas that will help anyone who's lost and cannot find a place to start their dieting. These tips will surely make you move and produce results. These tips are proven and has helped a lot of people.

1. Attend a reunion. Any reunion that you will see again your friends or schoolmates that you haven't seen for a very long time. It can be a high school reunion or college reunion or any reunion that is available. According to survey, 90 percent of people who will attend a reunion wants to look good and are preparing themselves to look better so they can impress people attending on the event. They want to look slim, they want people to notice that they changed or they still look young.

Of course who wants to look ugly in a reunion? so if you decided to attend a reunion, I am very sure you will prepare. And that will motivate you, you want to look good in front of your former classmates and friends. So you must think about dieting now, you must target a specific weight that you think you will be able to hit within a specific timeline. Just always think about people who will be amazed at your improvement if you succeeded in dieting. They will even ask you how did you do it, and that is a great feeling. Always imagine that feeling. And even if you didn't hit your target weight... at least you already have a momentum and you are already losing weight. So even if the reunion is over, keep continuing your diet.

2. Put your favorite food in a refrigerator or cabinet. What is your favorite food? when I say favorite, a food that you are almost eating everyday or let's just say a food that you can't live without. Stop eating it and put it in a refrigerator or a cabinet. Put it where you can see it but don't eat it. Don't eat it until you haven't shed some pounds in your belly. Do this method and I am very sure you will sacrifice just to eat that. This technique will work better if there is someone who can guard you. Someone who will restrict you from eating your favorite food. You can talk to your brother or sister or anyone on the house to guard you. Be serious about it or else it won't have an effect. This technique is like starving for a reward. Most people will do something if they can get something back. So, not eating your favorite food will serve as a huge motivation to cut some fats in your belly. The only key here is you have to be honest, prevent yourself to even bite a small portion of your food if you haven't produce any results yet. And one more thing, you will only eat your favorite food during cheat days, if you know what I am saying. It means only once a week. You can't be cutting a half pound in your weight today and will eat all of your favorite foods like a maniac. The purpose of this method is to strengthen your discipline in eating foods.

3. Look for an old picture. Do you have photos from the past where you body is hot as hell? if you have then find it and look at it very closely. Go back to the past when people were salivating when they saw your freaking body. Remember when you were so light and you can wear anything. Just looking at your past body will make you want to have that kind of body again. Bring that picture wherever you go, put it in your wallet. Make sure to look at it everyday. This method will trigger you mind to do something to bring that body again. You know that you have that kind of body before so you can have that body again.

4. Take someone's critic seriously. If someone told you that you are fat, take it seriously but don't get mad with that person. Used that happening to fire yourself up and become serious about your diet. Prove them that you are not fat and you can become sexy. Remember what has been told to you, remember the voice, remember the laugh. Remember the exact time when you've been humiliated. Use all of those memories to anger you and make yourself committed to dieting. It is like making a revenge by making yourself beautiful.

5. Buy a sexy shirt. Buy a sexy shirt that doesn't fit you and make that as an inspiration to take action. If you don't have money then look for your old shirts that doesn't fit you anymore. A shirt that fits you when you are still slim and sexy in the past. Now, do everything to make yourself fit in that shirt. Don't stop until you can wear that sexy shirt again. Try to fit it everyday. That will serve as a barometer if your body is changing. That will serve as a motivation, take every single step everyday to make yourself capable of wearing that shirt again. Be patient because when that day arrived... you be very proud of yourself.

6. Compete. Engage yourself in sports and become competitive. Always try to win and dominate the game. By having this kind of mindset, you will become very motivated to cut your weight because you will not be able to compete at the highest level if you are overweight. You will be forced to get lighter so you can become faster and have more stamina. Associate yourself with young competitors, you will be influenced by their energy and high competitive spirit. You will try to fit in with them. You will do what they are doing, you will become very active and that is a very big help to cut your weight.

7. Find someone whom you can make a bet with. Find someone who wants easy money, someone who loves gambling and make a bet with him. Tell him that you will cut some weight (both of you must agree with the specific amount of weight that you are planning to cut). Set a target date when you must have that specific weight already. As much as possible, put all your money on the line so you will become highly motivated and be forced to take your diet seriously. This thing will surely work if you don't have a lot of money and you want to earn some pretty cold cash. The choice is yours, you are in win-win situation if you are willing to take the pain.

Those are the 7 tips to take your diet seriously, it is better if you will pair your diet with exercise so you are healthy. Any diet will work, the key here is to take the pain. You will become hungry a lot and that is just the part of it. You can't produce results if you will not sacrifice. So endure any discomfort if you want to have a great body.