August 29, 2016


I have here the list of things that you should try to have a very good life. I will not make long intro anymore because I am very sure you want to have a good life so here they are:

1. Learn to reject someone. I know you've been rejected in the past, you've been rejected by other people so why not try rejecting people too. Rejection means evolution, if you can reject things or people that were not good for you then you will evolve fast, there will be no hindrances to your growth. Reject the people, friends or even relatives that are making you weak and slow, reject them if they are not supporting you instead derailing you. Reject them as fast as you can so you will feel better in your life. It is better to live alone freely than to live with a lot of people around you that are just making your life heavier.

2. Choose the right friends. There are friends that are not helping you to grow, you have to accept it. You have to become picky when it comes to choosing friends. You can even cut the friends that you have now if they were not deserving to be in your company. The people that hurts you and making you feel bad should be thrown away. Don't be too sensitive and emotional. If you have a leech friend who is not doing any good to you, even if he is your friend for years... get rid of him. You can't force happiness, you have to be honest with yourself if you are happy with someone or not. If you are not happy with some of your friends anymore... leave them without conscience.

3. Choose what you really want. If you already pass the teenage years and you think you can support yourself financially then it is time for you to choose what you really want. Choose a profession that you think you can do forever. A lot of people were forced to do the job that they don't really want. Some people became a doctor, a lawyer, engineer etc. because their parents want them to. There is nothing wrong with those profession if you really want it but if you are doing it for the sake of entitlement and looking good to other people then you are not living for yourself, you are living for them.

4. Decide on your own. A lot of decisions from the past that you did were not really made by you. A lot of your decisions were made with the influence of your parents, older siblings or even friends. And how did you feel after? you felt powerless right? you feel you don't own your life. So if you really want to live and feel that your life is yours... make a decision on your own. If there comes a time when you need to make a big decision... never consult anyone, never listen to anyone. Just do it on your own. Listen to what your heart says and not on what other people say. Your decision can never go wrong if you will fight for it and live for it. Your decision will only go wrong if you will regret it, so once the decision is made... be happy with it and never change your mind.

5. Aim to become rich. Stop thinking that money is evil. It is the way you handle money that can make it evil. If you become rich then you can help a lot of people, you can become more creative and pursue a lot of passion. You have a lot of means to do something. Again, money is not the only source of happiness. It just makes your life easier and gives you a lot of options. And one more thing, aiming to become rich is a long process so what makes it good is you are facing a lot of challenges in life. It will make you tough, it will make you a better person.

6. Do things right away. You should practice doing things right away, finishing your tasks as fast as you can. You will have a very good life if you can master this skill. Things will come fast to you, achievements will be closer to you. Your mind will not worry because you are so busy. Your mind is only worrying if it wants you to do something but you cannot even move, in other words you procrastinate. So having the ability to do things right away will make you worry free and more happy. Stress won't bother you because you are moving and you are making progress every second. So if you have something to do... do it, do it even if you don't know how to do it. Do it even if it is very uncomfortable.

7. Stand up for something. If you have a goal, if you made a decision in life... stand up for it. Live with it until you die. Never change because things were difficult. Never change because some people were changing and they were making results. Stay with your vision until it is no longer an illusion. People who succeeds in life were not the ones who are making success right away but the ones who are willing to stay forever until they become successful. There is nothing wrong in doing a thing over and over again even if it is not making you successful. If you can stand up for something forever then you will have it, it is just a matter of time, the universe is just testing your patience and endurance. Show the world that you can stand up for something even if nobody stands beside you. Don't be afraid to be alone. Pursue a dream even if the whole world says no, you will see in the end that your decision is right.

There are still may things that you can explore to have a better life, the 7 things that I dictated were just few of the million things that you can try to have a better life. Having a very good life is very simple, you just need to pick what gives you happiness... a true happiness and not a happiness that was get from instant pleasures or from the things outside of you.