August 28, 2016


Anyone who becomes successful have also experience the feeling of wanting to quit. If you are dreaming of big things and you are relentless in pursuing your goals, there will be times when you really wanted to quit and that is normal. Everyone who gives their best yet fail wanted to quit. There is no single individual who never thinks of quitting, even the mightiest and most successful ones... they also think about quitting before. There is nothing wrong about thinking of quitting, it is normal because it is a primary instinct of a human being to seek comfort when he is suffering.

If you are in the stage of quitting, there are things that you should remember to keep your faith back and go back working again.

1.There are people who would have wanted to be in your position. Yes, there are lot of people at your back who will take your position if they can. You are so far, you've done a lot and they didn't even started yet. You are just overwhelmed with the challenges infront of you. Take a small rest if you needed to quiet your mind. Once you are calm and at peace, go back to work immediately. You are very fortunate enough to come so far so why will you waste all of your efforts for nothing? Many people wanted to be in your position because you've already done a lot, they wish they can do something like what you are doing.

2. There are people who are expecting you to win. You have a lot of supporters who were at your back waiting to witness your victory so don't ever let them down. Your wife, mother, father, siblings, relatives, friends etc. they were rooting for your success so I think that big support is enough to fuel your fire and keep pushing until the end. They believe that you can win so you must also believe in yourself.

3. You will never win if you quit. Do you think you can win for the next time so it is ok to rest now? NO. If you quit now you will never win forever. The habit of quitting is already in your system. If you quit now, there is a big possibility that you will quit again in the future. Your brain will be conditioned that it is ok to quit because there is always a next time. Your mentality is not about winning anymore, it is already about quitting.

4. You will do the same amount of effort if you start something new. The suffering will still be the same, the amount of work will still be the same. If you quit now and start something new then you will go back to zero. You're back in the drawing board. You will become a rookie again, a sophomore, a veteran then you will quit again if the going gets tough. You are just repeating the process of quitting. You are never a different person if you start something new. You are still the person who always quit when the situation gets really really tough.

5. You will regret it forever. Those people who quit were always haunted by the past. They can't forget the cowardice that they show. They will feel very low, they will feel very weak. Words such as "what if", "if only I", "I could have been" and other regretful words will always run in their heads. It is like there is always an unfinished business that they can't go back anymore. They always feel that they need to go back but they can't anymore because the opportunity is no longer there. They were already beaten by the time.

So if you are in a tough situation and you wanted to quit, don't quit. It is a very simple logic, what will you get by quitting? NOTHING, you know the answer so keep going and kick their asses.