August 07, 2016


If you are competing with a cheater you will be demoralized because you are playing fair but your competitors were trying to win in an easy way. But this is life, not everyone is fair so get used to it. Even if you are not cheating and your opponent is a cheater, you can still win provided you do the right thing and have the proper mindset to win. Cheating is disgusting, it is only use by lazy people who has no confidence in themselves, they do it to make their life easier and still win.

It is your choice of you want to cheat or not but you have to know the consequences you have to face if you practice cheating. Anyway here are the ways on how to beat cheaters, make sure you apply these and you will win in life:

1. Never cheat. How can you beat a cheater if you are also cheating? never cheat because your purpose is to beat cheaters and if you are cheating too... you are no different from them. Never cheat because you will never win in the end and that is guaranteed. At some point you will win but cheaters are losers, nothing can change it. And also, you will not feel good about cheating... in the end you will feel that you accomplish nothing. You didn't gain anything, all you have is a prize you get from winning that you really don't deserve. You can't even look at yourself in the mirror if you are cheating.

So don't ever cheat, just keep doing what you are doing and you will prevail, trust me.

2. Make them feel guilty about cheating. Make the cheater feel guilty or anxious about his cheating style. It is either always say the word "cheater" when he is there but don't say it directly into his face. Do it indirectly like wearing a shirt that says "Cheaters are losers" or "If you cheat you will eat shit". Something like those will make them feel guilty or uncomfortable, they will lose their focus and you will win over them.

3. Don't be affected by their cheating. Their cheating will only have an effect if you are affected with it. So don't complain about it while you are competing, just stay focus on your work. One purpose of cheaters is to destroy your mental game. So if you noticed that someone is cheating, ignore it and just focus on being you. Just focus on what you can do and the rest will be taken care of itself. You might feel jealous because he is winning because of cheating and you might want to try cheating too, but that is not who you are. You are not a cheater, you are a winner so just keep your eyes on the prize and don't get affected by cheap shots.

4. Keep winning. This is the best way how to beat cheaters, keep winning. If they see that you are winning, they might think that you are cheating too, and that will destroy their game. Cheaters feel that everyone is cheating too because that is their world and that is what they see. They will lose their focus if you keep winning because they will lose trust on their style. They will think like this "I am already cheating but I am still losing, what the hell should I do?" They will lose confidence because they can't do anything good and in the end... they will quit.

5. Outlast them. Cheaters were know for quitting easily. If you can't beat him now, wait for a few more time and you will see that the cheater will quit. It is simply when the going gets hard and his tactics were no longer working, he will quit. Cheaters doesn't know the word perseverance and patience, they want immediate results. All you need to do is stick to your game and you will see that the cheater is getting weaker and weaker everyday.

Cheaters were very easy to beat, there is nothing invincible about them. Even if they are using the strongest cheats, they will still lost on the end. They were not extra ordinary human being, they don't know how to work hard, they simply want to win so fast which they will not be able to do everyday. You don't need to cheat if you want to beat the, just stay with the basics and stay focus with your goals.