August 03, 2016


Bullies are the most classless people in the world. They do not fight their same size, they love humiliating people and they were power trippers. They only bully people who has no courage to fight back and they knew they can easily scare. I know the activities of bullies because I've been a bully before and I am not proud of it that is why I am righting some bully prevention methods that will help people to avoid being bullied.

1. Just laugh at it. If some bullies were calling you some weird names or humiliating you infront of a lot of people just laugh at it. Whatever words they say to you, just laugh at it. Bullies doesn't want sarcastic people and if they see that you are not affected then they might not crack bad jokes on you anymore. After laughing don't talk to them, don't answer them just walk away.

2. Think of them as a garbage. If a person or thing has no value to you at all then it will not affect you. Treat them as garbage, feel pity for them because they were useless individuals. Have a mindset that anything they say and do will not affect you because they were only garbage and they don't have the power to shake your world. All they can do is pull you down but you know that garbage has no power to pull you down, so still you are not affected. Think of them as stinky individuals so never bother to talk to them, never bother to think about what they say. And mostly never associate yourself with them, if they feel that you want them then they will bully you even more.

3. Be really good at something. If you can be good at something, let's say you are good in studies or sports or any kind of field that they need or interested then they will not bully you. They will even give you protection. But don't be good at something because you want to please them, be good because you really want it. Don't do something for the sake of others. Let them naturally be amazed at you and let them ask whatever they want but don't always follow them. Make sure you are the commander, offer them something but don't give something for free.

If you are good, much better if you are great then they will look at you as a stronger person, especially if your skill is what interests them.

4. Know their weak spots. Bullies have a lot of weaknesses. If you can find the weakness of who is bullying you then you can control him. If you can know his dark secret then you can even black mail him. You should know how to play the game of bullying, bullies are scared too, they were not invincible. They are weak that is why they are pretending to be strong. A single word can destroy a bully, if you can find what humiliates him then you are in control.

5. Pretend that you are not scared. This is hard to do but the most effective one, if you can pretend that you are not scared and you are ready to fight then they will not bully you. Bullies love people that are scared that is why they keep on bullying them. If you were able to project an image that is ready to die anytime then bullies will be scared of you. Just try it once, pretend that you are brave, pretend that you are ready for an action. Bullies are scared of people who fights back.