August 06, 2016


Pursuing a goal can be a misery or happiness. You can achieve any goal no matter how you feel but it is faster to reach a goal if you are happy in what you are doing.

For example a man has a goal to buy a house but he is not happy with his job. He can still reach that goal even though he is not happy doing his job, he just need to endure doing his job everyday. It is a hard path but still he will get his goal, all he need to do is save money, wait for the right time when his money is enough then BOOM!!!! Congratulations! a goal has been reached.

Another example is an olympian, do you think he is really happy doing what he is doing everyday? look at the unbearable sacrifices that he is enduring everyday, do you think he is totally happy with that? do you think he is happy leaving his family and dedicating himself in training? let's stop fooling ourselves, we all know that he is not happy doing some sacrifices. What will make him happy is the medal, and that is what I am talking about. Looking at the bigger picture, not caring about how you feel will still make you successful.

That is why the saying "you need to love what you are doing in order to become successful" is not 100 percent true. You can still become successful even if you don't love what you are doing for as long as you are looking at the bigger picture. There are even some people who really love what they are doing but were not considering themselves as successful because they can't earn money, and that is what makes them a failure. If you wanted to succeed you should not make money as a barometer. Money is an important factor but not the main ingredient to consider your self as successful.

Success is happiness and nothing more than that. If you can honestly say to yourself that you are successful and you are happy at the same time then it is true. There is no money needed, there is no possession needed, no proofs are even needed.

I will stop talking about success now because I am going far from the topic, here are the best effective ways to start a goal:

1. Find what makes you happy and build a goal around it. While it is true that you can still achieve your goal even if you are not totally happy in what you are doing, it will be faster to achieve a goal if you are happy in what you are doing. Find what is it that you are happy doing everyday and set a goal around it. For example you are happy playing a guitar, what are goals that you can set in playing a guitar? It can be making your own album, making your own guitar, making big money through playing guitar. And any other ridiculous goals that are connected with guitar, you can set it.

It will be faster to achieve it because you love the medium for getting that goal, you love what you are doing and that will make you never quit. Unlike setting a goal and the means for getting it is not what you love, like having a car by eating poisonous snakes... you love the car but you don't love the way how to get it, it will be more difficult for you to reach your goal. But just like I said, you can still have it for as long as you don't quit.

2. If you can't find what you love then find what you want. Some people are having a hard time finding their passion so if you are one of them then you must find what you want. It can be materials such as cars, houses, clothes etc. I know that materials are not the only basis of happiness but if you can't find a goal then these material things are the good source of a goal.

Set a material goal one at a time, go and get it. It doesn't matter how will you get it for as long as you are not hurting anyone or doing something illegal. Material things are attractive so it is a good source of igniting your desire, it can motivate you and make you move. There is nothing wrong with pursuing a material goal, it is still a goal and it is still something to achieve, it can also be considered as a success. And once you achieve the material thing that you are achieving... it will also give you happiness, it may not last for so long but it is still happiness. Once you achieve something go and hunt for another thing, the fun never stops, the pursuing is forever. The good thing here is you will have a lot of things and properties. When you look at those things, it somehow gives you happiness if you will appreciate it and remember the hardwork that you put in just to get those things.

3. Look for a goal checker. Find someone that you can trust, someone who can keep your secret. Tell him your goal, tell him you plans and be serious about it. Tell him your progress and tell him every development of your goal. He too can share his goals with you, you can talk about your goals and help each other to achieve it. The goal checker can be your wife, husband, trusted friend, mother, anyone that can keep your secret.

By having a goal checker, you will be pressured to work for your goal because you want to maintain your credibility and you don't want to humiliate yourself infront of him. You will want to win because you don't want to look like a joke infront of that goal checker.

You will be forced to move and take actions because someone is pressuring you in a nice way, someone will always remind you about your goal. You can't quit because you don't want to look like failure into the eyes of a person that is so important to you.