August 16, 2016


There are only 2 kinds of fools in this world and these two were very different from each other. These kinds of fools have something on their minds, they were also dreamers but the difference is one will succeed and the other one is sure of failing.

ONE WHO IS LAZY AND BELIEVE THAT HE CAN DO IT. This kind of fool is sure to fail. These fools are the lazy bums that thinks of themselves as genius and can achieve something great. They were the ones who hates hardworking people because they cannot work hard for themselves. They love to procrastinate, they love shortcut because they don't know how to persevere. These kind of fools want something out of nothing. They always start something new and they will quit in the middle of the journey, or not even in the middle. Once they feel that it is getting hard then they will quit right away. The funny thing is before they start something, they really believe that they will succeed. Their beliefs will just change when the going gets tough and they want to change another route. These people were arrogant and negative, they always think that they are right, they never accept that they were no good that is why they were fools.

ONE WHO WORKS HARD AND BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This kind of fool is sure to succeed. These are the types of people who will do whatever it takes to win. People will call them crazy but they will keep going, they don't know how to quit, they have a finisher mentality. They do irrational things for their ambition. They never lose hope until the end, they work until their dreams become reality. They look fool to others because their dreams look very impossible and yet they are still pursuing it. Sometimes what they were doing looks like it is not making an impact for their dreams but they still continue doing it. They were very patient, they don't care if it takes lifetime to make their dreams come true, they keep going and going until they become successful.

So what kind of a fool are you? and if you're not a fool... if you have to choose between these two fools what will you choose? The first fool is a talker, the other one is a doer. They are both fools but are producing different results.