August 31, 2016


In life, there are some things that you cannot explain, even the professionals or what kind of spiritual guru cannot explain. But one thing is for sure... hard work will work. Has it ever happened to you when you are working hard for so many weeks but you can't get results? Example you are looking for a client or work but no matter how hard you push and how patiently you seek to find something... you can't still find something. And then one day an opportunity will knock on your door even if you are not expecting it. You are just resting because you're so tired of seeking hard then some kind of a blessing will enter your life. This is because hardwork works, you already put in the work on earlier days, you seek hard, you give your all and now you are just resting for a while then suddenly an opportunity present itself to you. The easy part is now coming to your life because you were already finished in the hard part.

Look at those successful businessmen and millionaires. People think that their lives were very easy because they were rich and they are not doing anything and yet they are still earning. If you will ask those millionaires about their stories, almost all of them have the same stories. They struggle in the beginning, the were working like a dog and hustling like there is no more tomorrow. They spent months or even years to be in their position now. And now life is pretty much easier for them because they already succeed. It is a sentiment that hardwork first then easy work later is real. But you can interchange the two. You can relax now, chill a little bit, don't take things seriously but later you will be forced to work very very hard because you prioritized easy life first. Your laziness will be punished. It is up to you what order of work are you willing to follow.

Look at those fighters who almost killed themselves in training. When the fight day is already there... they dominate the fight. Sometimes all they get is little bruises. Everything is effortless for them, they were very confident that they will win. They work super hard before the fight and that is why the real fight looks super easy for them. They even knew that they are going to win just before the fight. Their hardwork is their assurance, they feel invincible. They knew exactly what to do, even if they made mistakes they can easily come back and finish the fight they way like it. They were like kings who can sentenced someone to death anytime they want to. They have full control in their fights.

That is how life works, that is how success works. You have to work super hard in the beginning, be patient and then success will come inside of your house easily. Sometimes success is a little bit late and you will get frustrated but you have to trust your process and keep working while success is not yet showing. And don't ever stop working hard everyday, you can rest if you really needed it but once you gain your strength back, go back to grinding again. Never let your momentum fades, never procrastinate or else you will have an ugly fate.

I've never seen someone who works really really hard and still fail. If there is then maybe that person quit in the end. Maybe that person has no goal, he is just working hard but his life has no direction, that is why he fail. You also have something to aim for if you are working hard or else your hardwork will be a work for nothing. So if you are killing yourself for working hard everyday, make sure you are shooting for the stars.

Hardwork is your number one ticket to success, if you keep on working everyday then there is nothing else to worry about. It is like you put your money in the bank and then there is a sure return in the end. Of course the bigger your hardwork the bigger will be the return.

If you are looking for an easy work and expecting bigger return then you are just dreaming. It may work for a short time but in the end you will have a hard time. Look at those people who believed in marketing scams. They thought that investing money and not working at all will make them rich, and what happened to them? Their money flew away and did not return. It is like a bird that escaped from the cage. If you are always looking for an easy way out, if you are always seeking for comfort then you will become even uncomfortable.

Hardwork is not hard if you will enjoy it, maybe it is hard in the beginning but if you become familiar with it and you are working hard everyday then hardwork will look very easy for you. It is just a matter of conditioning and repetition. You just need to work really hard for the first 21 days and then once you get used to it... your work ethic will become an auto pilot. You will even search for work if you are doing nothing. You're like a lion that wants to hunt everyday. You're like an eagle that keeps on flying even if it is raining.

Force yourself to work hard now or else you will be working forever until the end of your life. Look at those old people who were still working even though they are at their 80's or 90's. Yes, I agree that we should help them and we should feel sorry for them But if you will investigate their past... it is simply because they do nothing in their past. They are chilling like they have a lot of money, they never do something to change their situation and that is why they are suffering now. They can't even rest even if their body needs some resting. So do you want to be like them? If not then work super hard now while you still can.

August 31, 2016


People were having a hard time losing weight and become sexy again. It is simply because their willpower is weak. It is not about the method that you are using, it is not about the food that you are eating. In dieting, there is no specific technique needed. All you need is willpower and a vision to become healthier and oozing hot again. That's how simple it is, all you need is willpower and motivation to hit a specific weight that you were always dreaming of for a long time.

And some excuse makers will say "I don't need to diet, I love who I am and I accept who I am" but deep inside they were so sick and tired of how they look. They were always looking at the mirror every now and then to see if something changes on their body even though they were not doing anything, how funny isn't it? People who always says they don't want to diet wants to diet, they just don't have the willpower to do it. They just can't take the pain in doing it.

So to help these people that are losing willpower and motivation, I will reveal these dieting motivational ideas that will help anyone who's lost and cannot find a place to start their dieting. These tips will surely make you move and produce results. These tips are proven and has helped a lot of people.

1. Attend a reunion. Any reunion that you will see again your friends or schoolmates that you haven't seen for a very long time. It can be a high school reunion or college reunion or any reunion that is available. According to survey, 90 percent of people who will attend a reunion wants to look good and are preparing themselves to look better so they can impress people attending on the event. They want to look slim, they want people to notice that they changed or they still look young.

Of course who wants to look ugly in a reunion? so if you decided to attend a reunion, I am very sure you will prepare. And that will motivate you, you want to look good in front of your former classmates and friends. So you must think about dieting now, you must target a specific weight that you think you will be able to hit within a specific timeline. Just always think about people who will be amazed at your improvement if you succeeded in dieting. They will even ask you how did you do it, and that is a great feeling. Always imagine that feeling. And even if you didn't hit your target weight... at least you already have a momentum and you are already losing weight. So even if the reunion is over, keep continuing your diet.

2. Put your favorite food in a refrigerator or cabinet. What is your favorite food? when I say favorite, a food that you are almost eating everyday or let's just say a food that you can't live without. Stop eating it and put it in a refrigerator or a cabinet. Put it where you can see it but don't eat it. Don't eat it until you haven't shed some pounds in your belly. Do this method and I am very sure you will sacrifice just to eat that. This technique will work better if there is someone who can guard you. Someone who will restrict you from eating your favorite food. You can talk to your brother or sister or anyone on the house to guard you. Be serious about it or else it won't have an effect. This technique is like starving for a reward. Most people will do something if they can get something back. So, not eating your favorite food will serve as a huge motivation to cut some fats in your belly. The only key here is you have to be honest, prevent yourself to even bite a small portion of your food if you haven't produce any results yet. And one more thing, you will only eat your favorite food during cheat days, if you know what I am saying. It means only once a week. You can't be cutting a half pound in your weight today and will eat all of your favorite foods like a maniac. The purpose of this method is to strengthen your discipline in eating foods.

3. Look for an old picture. Do you have photos from the past where you body is hot as hell? if you have then find it and look at it very closely. Go back to the past when people were salivating when they saw your freaking body. Remember when you were so light and you can wear anything. Just looking at your past body will make you want to have that kind of body again. Bring that picture wherever you go, put it in your wallet. Make sure to look at it everyday. This method will trigger you mind to do something to bring that body again. You know that you have that kind of body before so you can have that body again.

4. Take someone's critic seriously. If someone told you that you are fat, take it seriously but don't get mad with that person. Used that happening to fire yourself up and become serious about your diet. Prove them that you are not fat and you can become sexy. Remember what has been told to you, remember the voice, remember the laugh. Remember the exact time when you've been humiliated. Use all of those memories to anger you and make yourself committed to dieting. It is like making a revenge by making yourself beautiful.

5. Buy a sexy shirt. Buy a sexy shirt that doesn't fit you and make that as an inspiration to take action. If you don't have money then look for your old shirts that doesn't fit you anymore. A shirt that fits you when you are still slim and sexy in the past. Now, do everything to make yourself fit in that shirt. Don't stop until you can wear that sexy shirt again. Try to fit it everyday. That will serve as a barometer if your body is changing. That will serve as a motivation, take every single step everyday to make yourself capable of wearing that shirt again. Be patient because when that day arrived... you be very proud of yourself.

6. Compete. Engage yourself in sports and become competitive. Always try to win and dominate the game. By having this kind of mindset, you will become very motivated to cut your weight because you will not be able to compete at the highest level if you are overweight. You will be forced to get lighter so you can become faster and have more stamina. Associate yourself with young competitors, you will be influenced by their energy and high competitive spirit. You will try to fit in with them. You will do what they are doing, you will become very active and that is a very big help to cut your weight.

7. Find someone whom you can make a bet with. Find someone who wants easy money, someone who loves gambling and make a bet with him. Tell him that you will cut some weight (both of you must agree with the specific amount of weight that you are planning to cut). Set a target date when you must have that specific weight already. As much as possible, put all your money on the line so you will become highly motivated and be forced to take your diet seriously. This thing will surely work if you don't have a lot of money and you want to earn some pretty cold cash. The choice is yours, you are in win-win situation if you are willing to take the pain.

Those are the 7 tips to take your diet seriously, it is better if you will pair your diet with exercise so you are healthy. Any diet will work, the key here is to take the pain. You will become hungry a lot and that is just the part of it. You can't produce results if you will not sacrifice. So endure any discomfort if you want to have a great body.

August 30, 2016


So you think you are better than the one whose on the spotlight huh? you make comments like you know better. You make a lot of criticism, you are elaborating all the mistakes and trying to look like you know a lot. If you know better then why are you just giving comments? if you are better then why are you just watching and not the one who is performing? Put yourself into the place of the person whom you are bashing and let's see what you can do. Let's see if you can do better.

A lot of people nowadays were very perfectionist, once they see an athlete, celebrity or any well know personality that is making mistakes, they will make harsh feedbacks, they will criticize and make a lot of bad comments. They think they were better and know a lot. They think they can make a better performance and amazed ordinary people like them.

So if you are one of these people who thinks they are the great ones without even trying and just commenting... you better check your skills and position in life. Who are you to make comments and put someone down if all you can do is talk and make someone look bad? Can you play? can you dance? can you write? can you act? can you make contents that are useful? can you inspire someone and make a big contribution to the world? what's even funnier is you think your comment is making an impact and the one you are bashing is giving it an attention. Winners will never even spare a second to your comments, they will just laugh at your comments if they saw it accidentally or someone told them about it. The ones who will read your comments are haters like you and all of you are on the same grid. All of you fight each other because all of you are fighting for your idols. Your nonsense bullshits never ends.

Look at The King himself Lebron James, this guy was been hated a lot. I don't know what people sees in him. People say that he is a choker, not good, not shooter, don't know how to do this, don't know how to do that. And that is very funny. Is a guy with 4 MVPs and three championship rings not good? People compared him a lot to other successful players which is very funny. Every single individual has his own unique set of skills so comparing is nonsense and it is not even relevant to what is happening to the present.

What's even worse is people can't see the good side of him. The guy is a family man and helping his neighborhood, he is sending a lot of children to school. Maybe he is sometimes arrogant in court but his good side should be given attention as well. And look at him, even if a lot of people are hating him, he is still successful. It is because he is not paying attention to people that were losers and all can do is hate other people. I am very sure he is not reading a single comment coming from people who've done nothing. Hats off to him because even if he has a lot of haters, he still play on a highest level. And yet people is saying that he is mentally weak. You can't win multiple championships if you are weak.

The reality is no matter how good you are or how kind you are, people will still say bad things to you, they will pull you down because they couldn't even climb their own way to the top. Haters are secret admirers, they just can't accept it. They just can't accept that someone is doing better than them and they can't even do something about their lives.

So if you are one of these haters, let's see if you are the one on their position. Let's see if you are the one who's performing, what do you think you can do? let's see if you are the one who's being hated, how will you react? how will you be able to handle all the hate in the world? Let's see if you are the one who's in the pressure situation and people were expecting you to do great, how ill you handle yourself to perform well?

Let's see if you're the one who's losing, how will you make adjustments? You are very confident in saying something because all you do is talk, and what is difficult about talking? anyone can do that, anyone can say ugly things to other people. You can't even pursue your own greatness and yet you talk smack like you did something great, what a loser you are.

If you can't say something good to other people, no matter what kind of people they are, they can be athlete, celebrity, sports icons, musicians etc.... If you can't say something good then just shut your mouth. Don't act like a tough guy who already proven himself and made history. If you are no batter than the person being criticized then just shut up. You can only talk if you already break records, if you already become a champion or your name is written on history but if not... you are just wasting your time because nobody will listen to you, your words doesn't even matter, it is not making an impact.

A lot of people were good in hating because they are not on the same position as the person being criticized. They are not feeling the pain, they are not experiencing the hate and the pressure. All they can do is make funny comments, make arguments and spread negativity. They think it is fun but at the end of the day, they were not accomplishing anything, they were just spectators and keyboard warriors. They were the same person for years, they never accomplished something great.

So if I were you, you better replace their position and be the one who is performing if you think you are better than them. Go and show your skills, show them what you've got instead of talking. And that is, if you have something to show.

August 29, 2016


Full speed ahead, less thinking. Just do it. You are holding yourself for so long, you are thinking a lot do you think you are smart? your not some kind of an Einstein or Professor X so why are you thinking a lot? Why are you worrying a lot? are you a super hero who wants to save the world? are you some kind of a super human that wants to take control of everything? if not then stop thinking and start executing!

Too much calculation, too much planning and worrying. So where does that kind of style takes you? IN THE SAME PLACE WHERE YOU ARE STANDING NOW. You never progress, you never made yourself climb the ladder. You are the same person 25 years ago.

Just do what you think will work, forget about the norms, forget about the traditional techniques or methods. Just put yourself out there and make a lot of mistakes. Because in the end those mistakes will be very useful, it will give you a lot of experience and feedbacks that will make you a smarter person. Those mistakes will numb your fear from failure because you already failed a lot of times, you have nothing to lose anymore. You're an all or nothing type of guy now and you are ready to succeed anytime.

The moment you wake up, the first thing that comes to your mind... do it. Do what will make you closer to your goal. Stop entertaining bullshit thoughts that are only derailing your progress, do what you think will work, do it. And don't ever tell me that you don't feel like doing it, what are you? a diva or a princess? shut up and move! This world has no room for cry babies, soft individuals and dramatic actors who create a lot of excuses. This world wants some action not depression.

If there is a job interview, if there is an invitation for training, if there is a business meeting...even if the weather is so bad, even if you are feeling bad, once you wake up in the morning, just wash your face, brush your teeth and run! Run after your dreams. No need to take a bath, no need to look very cool. Just run and go for what you want. Full speed ahead, no stopping, no procrastinating. Just move and find your groove. You can find your confidence through moving

Never let your mind worry and think because if you do... you will be trapped in a quicksand, it will be very difficult for you to move because you think moving will make you even drown. You will be very scared because a lot of stupid and negative thoughts will control your body. Fear will act like a remote control and you are some kind of a television or remote controlled car. Fear will only let you move once it has no power anymore. Fear is toying you like a zombie who don't know anything. Do you like that?

So act right away, act faster than your mind. The game plan is you just do it without any precautionary measures. You just want to do it regardless of the pain waiting for you. Because if you don't move the pain will become stronger, the pain will immobilized your body completely. And that is not physical pain, that is mental pain which is even stronger and badder. Mental pain is the pain that you must avoid the most because it will make you crazy, it will make you depressed, scared and it feels like you have a disease that you don't know. You feel like you are dying without feeling any body pain. What a weird and scary feeling was that. That was insane. Do you want that?

So move right away once the positive idea is there. If the step needed is washing the plates do it. If what you need to do is just answer the email, do it. If you need to attend a seminar do it. If you need to say sorry to a client do it. If you need to apologize to your friend do it. Do the necessary thing to just give you a little progress. There is no harm in moving your ass, you won't get sick if you put a little effort. Are you going to die if you move? if your answer is no, so why the hell are you not moving?

The joy in moving is what you need to master, not the joy in thinking and dreaming. Because the action itself will take you to a very far place. It will take you to the places that you want. Your skills doesn't matter, your past doesn't matter. The action will give you good position. But of course that action should be positive and not something that will produce destruction to yourself and to the people around you. The joy in moving is very lovely, it will make you like a war machine who never stops until the war is over. It will make you like a river who never stops flowing.

Full speed ahead, do it. DO it because you need to do it and not because you will get something from it. Again, the action is the true reward, the reward is just a bonus. If you already developed a habit of just taking actions regardless of the outcome then you will become an amazing human being. you will accomplish a lot, you will be able to achieve great success that you thought is impossible before.

Time to move now, this article is almost over. You already learned a great lesson. Whatever pops out from your mind that is related to your goal.. do it. Do it like it is the last thing that you need to do, do it like you love to do it. So what are you waiting for? Christmas? or New year so you can make a new year's resolution? Stand up and wear your shoes, keep moving!

August 29, 2016


Can't you see the result? why? The result is already there, you just don't appreciate it. All of your hardwork has already been rewarded, you can't see it because you are expecting more and you are being so impatient, that is why you can't see it. Or maybe you think you can have it fast for just trying a few times. You can't get something big if you are just exerting a small amount of effort. This is not a pyramiding scam type of thing, this is real life. It is not about recruiting a bunch of idiots and letting them do the work for you. If you really want to succeed in life, if you want to stay on top forever then work forever.

The results is already there. If you've been running for 30 minutes a day because you are preparing for a wild competition then your work will give you an edge. If you gassed out already in the competition after competing for just 5 minutes... don't ever think that what you did didn't work, don't think that your preparation didn't create a participation. Even if you gassed out, if you didn't run for 30 minutes a day... maybe you will gassed out for the first 2 minutes only.

If you study for 3 straight hours last night and you only get a passing grade of 75% in your exam... don't ever think that you are stupid or your studying didn't helped you. If you didn't study then maybe your grade is only below 60% or even worse. What you are doing is working, it already gave you a result, you are just not appreciating it. Wouldn't you want a passing grade? If you are expecting more then you should do more. You will get what you deserve so what you need to look at is what you are doing and not the results itself.

You didn't eat dinner for seven straight days but you only lose one pound. You think that you are just punishing yourself by hunger and still you are not cutting weight. Come to think of it, if you didn't skip dinner for days then maybe you gain more pounds instead of losing a pound. You already produce a result even if it is very tiny so be happy with it. Keep on skipping dinners for years and maybe you will become thin like a needle. You just need to continue, you just need to be consistent.

If you visualized scoring 35 points last night and you only scored five points today... don't doubt your visualization technique. It already gave you a result. If you didn't visualize then maybe you will only scored 2 points. It did work, not only as you expected. Maybe you should visualize longer so you can score higher. Make adjustments so you can produce better results next time.

In any kind of preparation that you are doing... it will give you results. You just need to analyze what kind of result did you get. If you are getting lesser than what you expected, it only means your preparation is not congruent to your target. If you prepare less then you will also get lesser results. If you work slow then your progress will also be slow. You can't cheat the system, you can't expect more if you are not doing more. You get what you deserve not what you want.

Appreciate every result that you are getting because it is the product of your labor. If you are not satisfied with it then you better check what you are doing. Maybe you are a little bit lazy, maybe you are always clowning around, maybe you are not that serious. You need to push more, invest more and work more to have more.

You will not be able to touch success if you keep on complaining about the results that you are getting. Your focus will be on scarcity and not on productivity. Never complain because you are not squeezing hard, you are just praying hard. You don't even need to hope for better results if you honestly know in yourself that you work really really hard. The results that you want will manifest itself, you don't need to worry about it. If you work super hard then the results won't matter to you anymore because you already knew you have it the moment you finish your preparation. You will become very confident that it will fall into your hands automatically.

So the next time you get weaker results... learn to appreciate it because it is who you are. If you can't appreciate your results then you will not be able to appreciate yourself. Learn how to become thankful because practicing gratitude means you have the right attitude.

Cons about questioning your result:

1. You will lose confidence. You always think that what you are doing is not effective because you always think that you are getting less. You will lose confidence in your preparation and your abilities. You will think that you are weak and not improving.

2. You may quit anytime. Quitting will enter your mind because you think you no longer have chance of getting more. You will accept your situation and you will no longer push harder. You might be satisfied with what you have and accept that it is all that you can do.

3. You might get even lazier. And because you think that you are not getting results even if you prepare, you might not work hard anymore. You will say to yourself "this is useless, even if I am preparing, I am not getting what I want so I'll just be lazy and have more fun. This is better than suffering for nothing".

4. You might try another process that won't work either. And because you can't accept the results that you are getting... you might questioned the process as well. You might try different process thinking that it will work next time. And if it don't... boom you're back on a scarcity mindset again. You never get satisfied.

So the key here is whatever results that you are getting, if you prepare for it then appreciate it. Appreciate it because you sweat for it. If the results doesn't satisfy your expectation then make the necessary adjustments. Work harder and work longer, I am very sure you will get better results next time.

August 29, 2016


If you are waiting for someone to save you and make your situation better... stop waiting because you don't have to wait anymore, and even if you wait, nobody will come because the hero is already close to you and that hero is YOU. You don't know it because you are always waiting for somebody else, you are always expecting for help that will never come. And even if that help comes... it is just a temporary help, it won't save you in the long run. You are just hoping for nothing.

You are the one who can save yourself from being a bad guy. You are the one who can save yourself from doing bad things. No one can do it for you, it is all in your hands. You know the solutions to your problem, if you don't know it, it means you are not thinking or you don't want to save yourself. Don't ever make excuses because that kind of thinking won't save you either.

The reality is sometimes you are also the villain so it only means that you are also the hero. This is a battle between you and yourself. You have to defeat and save yourself if you want to win in life. You are you own worst enemy.

Who is the one who's making bad decisions, doing stupid activities and entertaining bad thoughts? Who is the one who's engaging in stupid habits and destroying himself? it is you right? While sometimes it is true that other people have big participation in your failure, you are still the one responsible for your results because you are the one who is making decisions in your life. There is no one else to blame but you! IT IS ONLY YOU!

So save yourself now before it's too late. You still have some time, you can still do better things in life. Push yourself and gather your strength.

How to save yourself

1. Be responsible. You were already old, you know what is right or wrong. You don't need to save yourself if you didn't bring bullshits into your life. So if your situation sucks right now, try to be at least responsible in handling your own problem. And once your problems were solved or just slightly solved... don't bring problems to your life in the future. Stop being tempted to nonsense things that are good in the beginning but bad in the end. Act like a real grown man and stop wanting to be cool like others, because doing that will just make your situation worse. Sometimes being cool is not really cool, you are doing things that are not needed just to gather a lot of attention. Even the things that will put you in jeopardy.

2. Blame yourself. If you can learn how to blame yourself for the situation that you are in then it also means that you know you can get yourself out of there. Blame yourself so you will feel guilty about yourself and so you will be forced to take actions that can make the situation a lot better. Blame yourself so you will not do it again, blame yourself so you will not point fingers to others for the tragedy that happens to your life. By doing this, you will be able to learn how to save yourself, you can learn it on your own. You will learn how to stand up and find ways how to change your life dramatically.

3. Identify what is bad. Learn how to identify what is bad and accept that it is really bad even if it is hard for you to accept it. By doing this, you will know what not to do next time. You will know what are the things to avoid so you will be in the right direction. If your hobby is bad, accept that it is bad and stop giving time for it. If your habit is bad then learn how to change your habits, try to find habits that are more beneficiary. If your attitude is bad, accept that you are bad and force yourself to be good. It is very simple if you will accept that there are bad things in your life and you are not shy to admit it. Just be honest and never put an exemption to anything that is bad in your life, even if the bad is your favorite... still cross it out.

4. Save yourself now. Do it now before it's too late, do it now while your situation is not that worse. If you will not save yourself now then you can't be save forever. You will be stuck in a mad for eternity and you will eat shit for the rest of your life. Your potential will not be reached. You will grow old with full of disappointments. So even if it makes you crazy just to save yourself, do it. Do it while you still have the strength because if you keep on postponing the rescue... you will become a slave to your own mistakes. You will just waste your life for nothing. Your mama will cry and ask herself "what happen to my child?" and the drama will never end, what a fugly story.

5. Focus on some other things. Try to shift your focus to other things that at least will give you a positive momentum in life. Whatever it is that will somehow give you a good direction... go for it. It can be about arts, sports, music, making some money etc. Once you are doing good things in life and you are doing it everyday, it will become a habit and you will be saved forever. There are plenty of good things to do, it never ran out. There is a good position waiting for you, all you need to do is search your environment and once you find something... put your one hundred percent focus there.

So save yourself now because you are your own hero. Don't wait for someone because no one will arrive. No batman, superman or good samaritan will save your ass. You are the jailer so you are also the saver.

August 29, 2016


I have here the list of things that you should try to have a very good life. I will not make long intro anymore because I am very sure you want to have a good life so here they are:

1. Learn to reject someone. I know you've been rejected in the past, you've been rejected by other people so why not try rejecting people too. Rejection means evolution, if you can reject things or people that were not good for you then you will evolve fast, there will be no hindrances to your growth. Reject the people, friends or even relatives that are making you weak and slow, reject them if they are not supporting you instead derailing you. Reject them as fast as you can so you will feel better in your life. It is better to live alone freely than to live with a lot of people around you that are just making your life heavier.

2. Choose the right friends. There are friends that are not helping you to grow, you have to accept it. You have to become picky when it comes to choosing friends. You can even cut the friends that you have now if they were not deserving to be in your company. The people that hurts you and making you feel bad should be thrown away. Don't be too sensitive and emotional. If you have a leech friend who is not doing any good to you, even if he is your friend for years... get rid of him. You can't force happiness, you have to be honest with yourself if you are happy with someone or not. If you are not happy with some of your friends anymore... leave them without conscience.

3. Choose what you really want. If you already pass the teenage years and you think you can support yourself financially then it is time for you to choose what you really want. Choose a profession that you think you can do forever. A lot of people were forced to do the job that they don't really want. Some people became a doctor, a lawyer, engineer etc. because their parents want them to. There is nothing wrong with those profession if you really want it but if you are doing it for the sake of entitlement and looking good to other people then you are not living for yourself, you are living for them.

4. Decide on your own. A lot of decisions from the past that you did were not really made by you. A lot of your decisions were made with the influence of your parents, older siblings or even friends. And how did you feel after? you felt powerless right? you feel you don't own your life. So if you really want to live and feel that your life is yours... make a decision on your own. If there comes a time when you need to make a big decision... never consult anyone, never listen to anyone. Just do it on your own. Listen to what your heart says and not on what other people say. Your decision can never go wrong if you will fight for it and live for it. Your decision will only go wrong if you will regret it, so once the decision is made... be happy with it and never change your mind.

5. Aim to become rich. Stop thinking that money is evil. It is the way you handle money that can make it evil. If you become rich then you can help a lot of people, you can become more creative and pursue a lot of passion. You have a lot of means to do something. Again, money is not the only source of happiness. It just makes your life easier and gives you a lot of options. And one more thing, aiming to become rich is a long process so what makes it good is you are facing a lot of challenges in life. It will make you tough, it will make you a better person.

6. Do things right away. You should practice doing things right away, finishing your tasks as fast as you can. You will have a very good life if you can master this skill. Things will come fast to you, achievements will be closer to you. Your mind will not worry because you are so busy. Your mind is only worrying if it wants you to do something but you cannot even move, in other words you procrastinate. So having the ability to do things right away will make you worry free and more happy. Stress won't bother you because you are moving and you are making progress every second. So if you have something to do... do it, do it even if you don't know how to do it. Do it even if it is very uncomfortable.

7. Stand up for something. If you have a goal, if you made a decision in life... stand up for it. Live with it until you die. Never change because things were difficult. Never change because some people were changing and they were making results. Stay with your vision until it is no longer an illusion. People who succeeds in life were not the ones who are making success right away but the ones who are willing to stay forever until they become successful. There is nothing wrong in doing a thing over and over again even if it is not making you successful. If you can stand up for something forever then you will have it, it is just a matter of time, the universe is just testing your patience and endurance. Show the world that you can stand up for something even if nobody stands beside you. Don't be afraid to be alone. Pursue a dream even if the whole world says no, you will see in the end that your decision is right.

There are still may things that you can explore to have a better life, the 7 things that I dictated were just few of the million things that you can try to have a better life. Having a very good life is very simple, you just need to pick what gives you happiness... a true happiness and not a happiness that was get from instant pleasures or from the things outside of you.

August 28, 2016


They were so lucky because you are giving them so much attention and you are not because you don't care about yourself, you don't give time for yourself. How lucky they were, you are giving them so much luck.

You don't even know them but you are very concerned with what is going on with their lives. You stalk them, guard their actions, study their lives, watch their activities. I think you know them more than they know themselves. I think you know the birthdate of their ancestors. You're such a good spectator.

You care too much about people but you don't care about yourself anymore. You help other people but you are not helping yourself first. How lucky are they, how poor you are.

They call you and ask for your help.. and even if you are doing something important... you leave it. How lucky they were, how unlucky you are. You are so funny, they are making you look like a clown.

But if you want to become lucky too, then you should prioritized yourself first. It is not about being selfish. You can help others when you were already successful. So do anything to make yourself good, do anything to put yourself in a better position. Forget them because they are not helping you, they are making you unlucky.

August 28, 2016


Anyone who becomes successful have also experience the feeling of wanting to quit. If you are dreaming of big things and you are relentless in pursuing your goals, there will be times when you really wanted to quit and that is normal. Everyone who gives their best yet fail wanted to quit. There is no single individual who never thinks of quitting, even the mightiest and most successful ones... they also think about quitting before. There is nothing wrong about thinking of quitting, it is normal because it is a primary instinct of a human being to seek comfort when he is suffering.

If you are in the stage of quitting, there are things that you should remember to keep your faith back and go back working again.

1.There are people who would have wanted to be in your position. Yes, there are lot of people at your back who will take your position if they can. You are so far, you've done a lot and they didn't even started yet. You are just overwhelmed with the challenges infront of you. Take a small rest if you needed to quiet your mind. Once you are calm and at peace, go back to work immediately. You are very fortunate enough to come so far so why will you waste all of your efforts for nothing? Many people wanted to be in your position because you've already done a lot, they wish they can do something like what you are doing.

2. There are people who are expecting you to win. You have a lot of supporters who were at your back waiting to witness your victory so don't ever let them down. Your wife, mother, father, siblings, relatives, friends etc. they were rooting for your success so I think that big support is enough to fuel your fire and keep pushing until the end. They believe that you can win so you must also believe in yourself.

3. You will never win if you quit. Do you think you can win for the next time so it is ok to rest now? NO. If you quit now you will never win forever. The habit of quitting is already in your system. If you quit now, there is a big possibility that you will quit again in the future. Your brain will be conditioned that it is ok to quit because there is always a next time. Your mentality is not about winning anymore, it is already about quitting.

4. You will do the same amount of effort if you start something new. The suffering will still be the same, the amount of work will still be the same. If you quit now and start something new then you will go back to zero. You're back in the drawing board. You will become a rookie again, a sophomore, a veteran then you will quit again if the going gets tough. You are just repeating the process of quitting. You are never a different person if you start something new. You are still the person who always quit when the situation gets really really tough.

5. You will regret it forever. Those people who quit were always haunted by the past. They can't forget the cowardice that they show. They will feel very low, they will feel very weak. Words such as "what if", "if only I", "I could have been" and other regretful words will always run in their heads. It is like there is always an unfinished business that they can't go back anymore. They always feel that they need to go back but they can't anymore because the opportunity is no longer there. They were already beaten by the time.

So if you are in a tough situation and you wanted to quit, don't quit. It is a very simple logic, what will you get by quitting? NOTHING, you know the answer so keep going and kick their asses.

August 28, 2016


People worry too much about their position in life. They were thinking about where they are at. They are thinking about how long they need to work more to achieve their goals. And it makes them feel so far, it makes them stuck because they were always thinking about the miles they need to travel to reach their destination.

If you will think harder, you will begin to realize that your status doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day.. you still need to work, you still need to do the amount of work needed to reach your goal.

If you need to run 100 kilometers to reach the finish line then you have to run it, you can't make shortcuts. If you run at least 35 kilometers already then you still need 65 kilometers more. If you already run 80 kilometers then you still need 20 kilometers more. The length is the same, it will never change. The amount of work you need to put in will never change so what is the big deal if you are still very far?

Some people who were already far and can almost make it to the finish line started earlier than you that is why they were ahead of you. And does it matter if you are late? Does it matter if you are behind? What matters is are you willing to do the work needed.

It will be more difficult for you if you were always looking at the people around you. You will get jealous if they were doing better than you so what you need to do is stay focus on your road and take it one step at a time. Those people who were ahead of you already put in the work so they deserve what they are getting now.

August 28, 2016


There comes a time in your life where you want to start all over again. Your toxic environment has polluted your life a lot. You are drained emotionally, physically and mentally. it feels like you want to explode and end your suffering. You wanted to escape your situation and go somewhere else where nobody knows you.

You want something new, you want something fresh. You want to start all over again so your problems will all be gone and you can do better right from the beginning.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION. The best solution for your problem is to continue, just do what you can do. Solve one problem at a time, do your best every second and that's it. There is nothing else to worry about if your mindset is to just keep going. Yes there will be bumps along the road, there will be a lot of problems but if you keep going then those problems will dissolve or evaporate little by little. There is no problem that is bigger than you, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome so keep your head up and persevere until the end.

Because starting something new is just fun in the beginning. The moment you reached the middle of your journey... you will also experienced hard challenges, you will experienced being very stressed again just like what you've experienced in your last journey. You can never escape challenges because it is part of your life. And what will you do if you feel that you are so drained again? are you going to start fresh again? are you going to move to a new place again and start new things? your cycle will never end if you keep doing that.

I have a friend who is so ambitious. He wants to do great things, he wants to become big but when he reached some level of stress that he thinks he cannot tolerate... he will quit. He will make a lot of excuses like this and like that. He will find a new place to start again and then when the stress strikes again... you know what he will do, he will quit. His life revolves in that kind cycle, he tries a lot of things and when he cannot handle the situation anymore he will look for an exit door. He will never try to survive the journey that is why he hasn't accomplished anything in life.

Quitting in something and starting a new journey means you are just setting up yourself for a failure again. The only difference is you will fail on different thing.

Some people wants a new start because they always thought they can do better next time. But how can they do better if they didn't do better in the past? If you can't finish something then it means you can't finish other things. Life is not about starting it is about ending.

August 27, 2016


You are complaining a lot about your situation, you are making dramas everyday and make yourself look like a helpless victim. And what do you get by doing that? There are lot of people whose situation is worse than you and yet they are still being positive and doing something to make their situation better so who are you to complain?

You are complaining about your salary but you are not working hard. There are some people out there who works 12 hours a day and still earning very low yet they are happy in what they are doing so who are you to complain?

You are complaining about the food that you are eating. You are making your mom feel bad by not eating what is served on the table. Don't you know that there are millions of people who died in hunger? who are you to complain? So eat what is on the table and just appreciate what your mom serves you, enough is enough.

You are always complaining about your playing time, don't you know that there are some players that cannot even make it to the roster? there are some players that can't even join the team? if your playing time is so little and you think you deserve more then you have to prove it. Practice the hardest, stay focus and committed. Make yourself better and you will see that all of your efforts will be seen and you will have your chance. When you have your chance then never let it go away, make yourself shine and do everything to prove yourself.

You can't complain because there are more people whose situation is worse than you but still they are having a positive outlook in life, they are doing better than you and making more results than you.

If you will just use the energy you used in complaining for a more beneficiary activity then I bet you are on a better spot now.

You are not entitled to have a special treatment in this world. Nothing will be given free if you don't work hard. Everyone is having a hard time in their lives, everyone is suffering. Everyone has their own problems. So stop complaining and just do the right thing.

August 27, 2016


Well, people nowadays were very attractive to expensive things. I cannot blame them because I've been in that situation before. Expensive things will make you feel good. It will make you look rich and successful. It feels like those things have an attached power in it that will make you superior in some ways. You feel like a king in some ways, you feel like you're in a royal family.

I personally believe that you can only patronize expensive things if you are really rich and it doesn't affect your financial status if you buy super expensive things. It's like you're spending thousands but it feels like you're only spending cents. But some people didn't get it, they will still buy expensive things even if they were spending more than they earn.

There is nothing wrong in buying cheap things. Wearing it will not make you look cheap. It depends on how you feel. If you feel confident about it then it will look expensive. There are even people who tries so hard to buy expensive things but they still look cheap when they wear it because they don't really like it, they just want the brand name and the impression of people who will see them wearing those expensive things. They want the "entitlement" that really doesn't exist.

Expensive things looks elegant but not all. Some big brands still produces ugly products, they just fool people by attaching their logo to the products so people will still be encouraged to buy.

Pros of expensive things:

1. It is more durable than cheaper things. The materials used were stronger and finer. It lasts longer than the cheaper things. The products were perfectly made and well polished because there is a lot more budget allocated for these products.

2. It really looks elegant. The expensive things looks more classy, of course the attached name of the brand plays a major role. It makes the products very attractive. The owner of these expensive products will feel proud while using it. Some people were just after the brand names and not the quality itself.

3. You can resell it. This is what makes the expensive things better, unlike the cheap things, you can resell it. If you don't want the product anymore you can resell it anywhere especially online. You can be sure that your item will be bought especially if the brand is very popular. Some people who can't afford to buy brand new will settle on the second hand. Instead of buying cheaper products they still prefer to buy the branded products even though it is a second hand. Because their perspective here is "who knows it is a second hand if it still looks brand new?".

Cons of expensive things:

1. Robbers were very attracted to it. Beware because robbers might hunt you if you look like a mannequin covered with expensive products. These rubbers were not choosing their victims. Once they saw someone who wore a lot of expensive things, they became interested to that person and might as well do not so good things to him. So always stay alert if you are wearing expensive items, especially in crowded places.

2. You will become more careful. Because you are using expensive products, you will be very meticulous in taking care of it that takes more time. For example, if your shirts were very expensive, you will not use washing machine for washing it, you will do handwash instead.

3. You will attached emotions into it. Because it is expensive, you will feel bad if it is damaged. How will you feel if your brother damages your newly bought branded shoes? you will get angry right? but if your shoes is cheap, how will you react? you will even tell your brother to go ahead and destroy it even more.

4. Costs a lot of money. It is very hard to buy expensive things especially if you are not a big earner. Some people will patronize branded products just to look good and in the end they were having difficulty in maintaining their lifestyles.

Pros of cheaper things:

1. There is no so much emotional attachment to it. If it is accidentally damaged, you will never feel bad. You believe you can replace it anytime you want because it is affordable.

2. You can save a lot of money. This is what smart people does, they buy cheap things so they can save a lot of money. And when they feel that their financial status have room for buying expensive things, that is the only time they will do it.

3. You are loose. You will never care so much about your things when they are cheap. You can use it everyday without worrying that it will worn out so fast. You can even let others borrow it without resentment.

Cons of cheaper things:

1. It is less durable. Its lifespan is not that long because cheaper things were built by cheaper materials. What do you expect by buying cheaper things, it can be use forever? No. Expect that anytime it can breakdown or worn out.

2. It can never be resell. Usually people buy second hand products because of the brand name so if you have plans of reselling your things that aren't branded... it may take forever to find someone who will buy your things. My advise is just use it until you can use it.


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August 27, 2016


In anything that you do... if you want results or progress, you have to feel it. There is no best way in doing something other than feeling it. If you are doing something without emotion it is almost like doing nothing. You're like a walking dead that has no purpose.

You have to feel the pain, you have to feel the joy and the struggle. Because that is the only way to make your work magnificent. That is the only way to give justice to what you are doing. Just like what the real artists does.. they put a lot of feelings in their works that is why they produce magnificent results.

For example if you are running because you want to lose weight or make your stamina stronger... you can't achieve extra ordinary success if you will not feel the pain. You can gain something by feeling every step that you make and doing a little push. Make yourself a little bit uncomfortable. You give all of your strength in any movement that you execute. That is how to make results... being serious about it and cherishing every pain that you feel.

Look at those chefs who can't produce a very good dish... even if they spend a lot of hours in the kitchen they still fail. The reason for this is they rush, they want to finish cooking right away. There is no labor of love in what they are doing that is why their dish tastes awful.

If you are working on something, you have to feel it. You can't jump onto the finish product right away because you will not love what will you see. A great work was done with a lot of emotions.

August 27, 2016


Everyone is so obsessed of having a lot of fans or followers. they love being appreciated, they love being praised and treated like an idol or something. They love the likes, the cheers, the comments and endless support of fans. What they don't know is that those fans are really not fans, sometimes those followers are just following the trend. They just follow so that they know what is the talk of the town.

And one more thing, just because it is your fan doesn't mean it will be your fan forever. There are fans who are not as loyal as you think. There are fans who are backstabbers and bandwagoners.

And sometimes your confidence purely rely on the number of your fans. If no one is appreciating you anymore because you got too old and you are not as good as before... you feel depressed, you feel you are no longer existing. You feel powerless and useless. A lot of celebrities and popular people experienced this kind of situation and they can't be happy anymore in their lives.

All you need is just one fan, you don't need a lot of fans. Seeking for appreciation and followers means you are weak and your happiness is limited. Your happiness is based on the external and not on the internal, you let other people control your happiness.

That one fan can be the closest person in your life. It can be your wife, sibling, parents, relative, bestfriend or any person that truly loves you. That one fan is enough. He or she will never leave you. You will be appreciated forever even if you are not doing good anymore. So stop looking for a lot of fans who were not really fans. What you need is a single person who will appreciate you forever and will appreciate you no matter what.

August 27, 2016


Everything has an end, there is no forever in this world. Sometimes the ending comes naturally but sometimes it happens by the use of will.

It is up to you if you want to end your streak or not, if you want to continue it or not. It is really up to you but one thing is for sure, your streak will end in just a matter of time.

So if you are in a streak of losing let's say you are applying for a job and you've been rejected 100 times straight. Don't worry because that streak will end. If you continue on applying for a job.. at one point in your life there will be an employer who will hire you. They will see something in you that others didn't see so keep on looking for a job. The logic is very simple yet a lot of unemployed people can't get it, your losing streak will never end if you will not do something about it.

If you've been rejected by women for 50 times straight then the 51st might go out on a date with you. Your losing streak will end if you want to end it. So never lose hope because your situation is not your situation forever, how you feel is not how you feel forever. There will be changes in life and it will only happen if you will take full responsibility.

Even if your losing streak is very long and it seems like it will never end... you still need to work hard to end it. You can find a way how to end it. If a winning streak ends then the losing streak too, the only difference is the winning streak may end naturally, even if you work very very hard to keep your winning streak... at some point it may end.

All you need to do is try again. There is no other way to break a losing streak but to try again. All the praying won't work if you will not try again. You can't just hope for it to end so it will end, you need to bring your faith back and do your best for the next try.

Sometimes you will really get sick and tired of it but it is what it is. You have to stick until your situation changes. Any streak can be broken for as long as you keep it open.

August 27, 2016


If you really can't let go, if you can't express how you feel, if you can't speak up for yourself then this MIND manipulation method will surely help you to become yourself.

IMAGINE THAT IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE. Imagine that you are living someone's life but you are still giving your best. Imagine that you are trapped into someone's body and that body is your body right now.

People were so afraid to destroy their image that is why they can't even take the first step. They can't take the biggest risk in their lives. So imagine that you are not you. You are just the brain and you are the one controlling the body.

So what will you do now? how will you react now if you have nothing to lose? you don't have an image to protect because you are hiding in someone's identity. I am very sure you will say what you wanted to say because you are just like playing with someone's life. I am very sure you will become stronger, braver and you will do what you haven't done before. You will not be afraid to take any hate because just like I said... you are just the mind, you don't own the life.

And the reality is... your life is not yours forever. You only borrowed it and you can't keep it forever. So why not do what is best for you now? why not take the biggest risk because you will not live in this world forever. Life is very short, life is very fast. You can't be forever holding back because you will miss a lot of opportunities. You will miss a lot of moments that could be yours. You will miss a lot of success, you will miss a lot of joy, basically you will miss everything.

So forget about your identity. Forget about what people might say. Do what you wish to do for a long time and do it now.

If you cannot be yourself then just pretend that you are not yourself.

August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016


Just keep on failing so you will know how it feels to be a failure. How does it feel after failing? you feel like a loser right? you feel so low, you feel so useless, you feel devastated. Just repeat it, repeat failing, fail one million times. Endure it, feel it. Once you get very familiar to the feeling of failing then you will no longer be scared of it because you knew it is nothing but a feeling, it only makes you better.

People fail because they were so afraid of failing. They were even afraid to try, it is not that they don't have skills or whatever. They were just afraid of the feeling that failing will give to them. So then, the only way to erase that fear is to face it over and over again. Make yourself numb in the feeling of failure. Once you reach the state of mind that you are not afraid to fail... you will be able to do amazing things, you will get loose, you will feel free, you will feel there is nothing left to lose in your life.

Failure is the key, victory is the destiny. Victory cannot be the key to success because it is the one being pursued. You cannot become victorious right away. If you succeed without failing it means you are one of those lucky people who were given everything since they were born. These are the children of millionaires and any other big personalities. But look at their lives... it is still miserable. They were not happy because they don't have balance in life. They never felt the pain, that is why they were looking for it.

Once you you are not expecting to succeed right away. Once you are not giving big expectations to yourself then there is a chance that you might succeed. Because the more you want to become successful and force success to come to you... the more it will become elusive. You will feel that your hardwork is not being rewarded and that will make you quit.

Just keep on failing because at one point in your life you will succeed. It is not being optimistic or hopeful. It is the truth in life. No one is a failure forever, if he keeps on trying... the universe will noticed all of his efforts and he will be rewarded, rewarded with more than what he deserve.

August 27, 2016


So if you really wanted to change then you must start with a very strong, fast effort that will make you overwhelmed. Change is starting fast, it is done without hesitation at all. It is like jumping into an ocean with no safety equipment attached into your body. It is like jumping in without thinking.

You just do it. If you really wanted to change then you just do it. No conditioning, no warm up, no long ceremony, no delays... you just change.

The world doesn't care if you feel bad or not, if you feel overwhelmed or not. If you will not change now, you will get the same shitty results over and over again. You will be trapped in a vicious circle. Your life will be a messed up, you will have a lot of regrets in the end.

Start it with an aggression. If you want to quit being a video game addict then smash your playstation, hit it with a baseball bat, stomp on it, burn it. Sometimes you have to become violent in order to change. If you want to quit smoking then throw all your collection of lighters, throw all your cigarette pack. Feel the pain of changing, yeah it is uncomfortable, it really feels bad but you have to experience it if you really wanted to change.

If you're a fat ass son of a bitch then run. Run now, even if you don't have shoes for running...just run. Even if it is 12 am just run! You can run in your house if you are afraid to go outside, you can do running in place so there is no excuse here. Run with aggression, hate yourself, hate the fats surrounding your body, be wild! It is like being sick and tired of your life so you want an evolution right away. Do the change everyday, do it consistently without missing, make a streak. A streak that you will never break!

August 27, 2016


This is the best way to achieve extra ordinary success. KEEP THE NUMBERS RISING. You practice 2 hours yesterday then you should practice 3 hours today, then 4 hours on the next day and so on. Continue expanding, never stop.

You earn 20 dollars today then you should earn 50 dollars next week and 100 dollars the next next week. The progress should never stop, keep on leveling up until you reach the highest level. This is how you will attain success, you should have a mindset of keeping the numbers rising. Working harder than yesterday, this will get the job done.

You are unemployed... so you pass 100 job applications today then tomorrow you should commit to passing at least 150 job applications. Make the numbers rise, believe in the law of averages. Don't try, retry!.

If you keep on increasing your numbers everyday then success will be easily attracted to you. It will submit itself to you because the numbers you are showing is unbelievable and undeniable. No one else can produce numbers the same as you so you are one of a kind, you are wanted in this world. Everyone would have to have you on their team.

Keep the numbers expanding, keep it bubbling, keep it growing. The evolution will never stop. You will never stop breaking your own record. You will never stop setting a record, that is how to get the job done.

August 27, 2016


If you are choosy because you always think that you are perfect and you also need perfect things then this is a method that is best for you. If you are having a difficult time choosing what is the best to buy because the choices are there, there is already an item that is catching your eyes but you still think that there is still a better thing that you haven't found yet.

You are so confused, you are worrying what if you buy something then you found something better later. My friend, you better check your meds, you are having a mild psychosis. Drink some pills that will make you calm because you are making problem on your own.

Just choose the item that excites you the most. Even if the excitement is not that strong, even if you are not totally convinced that you really love it... just buy it. Because at the end of the day, when all of the lights in the mall were turned off and you haven't bought anything yet... you will feel sad, you will regret that you become choosy because you don't have anything to bring at home.

The love for a thing is not forever. Why do you buy things? it is simply because you love the look of it, you want to use it, you want to impress your friends with it, you love the color, the features etc. But the reality is... that love won't stay forever. There will be a time when you don't want that thing anymore, you will just treat it like an ordinary thing and won't give too much attention to it. You love it because it is new but when it becomes old... it doesn't give you an excitement anymore.

So don't be afraid to pick things that you don't love so much because that love won't even stay forever. You just need to act before you think. Buy something that gives you a little bit of feelings then think about if you really love it later. What else can you do? you already have it, you have no choice but to love it. Feelings can be commanded, just pretend that you love it so you will not have the feeling of regret by spending money for the things that you don't like.

August 26, 2016


If you've been trying a million times and still you can't get the job done, always keep in mind that the last try may work.

A lot of people quit because they think they can't do it anymore, they never risk for the last try because they cannot endure the pain anymore, their emotions are controlling them. But if you want to become successful... you can't be too emotional, you can't be soft as a cotton candy and weak as a cockroach.

The mind should always be restarting. Restart your mind every time you fail, every time you face a big challenge, have the ability to restart your mind. Because your body is not getting tired, for some reason you must rest it but what makes you think that you want to quit is because your mind is too tired. It is always thinking about the hardship, the effort that you think that has been wasted. Your mind is convincing you to quit so you better check it. You better guard it because it will make your soul weak, never let negative thoughts dominate your life because if you do... you may never be able to move again.

The last one may work, the last push may show you the results that you want so don't ever quit.

The good thing about deciding to try one more time is you don't know if it is your last try. There is always a last try, it never ends. The last try is unlimited. You can say that today you will try for the last time but tomorrow you can try again for the last time and the other tomorrow and so on. It will never be over until you win.

So don't ever feel tired to try one more time. You've already been humiliated, you've already failed, people already laughs at you so what else will be lost? There is no harm in trying, there are regrets in quitting.

Never accept that you are a failure. NEVER. So stand up and try again, do it for the last time.

August 26, 2016


They say you have to become very optimistic to become successful and get big things in life. But sometimes people don't want to even work anymore because they think that everything will be fine. They always say "I will just do it tomorrow because I knew I can do it, there is no need to worry." They were so addicted in positive quotes, motivational movies, inspirational speakers etc. That they don't even know how to work hard anymore. All they do is dream, talk about their dreams, motivate people and do nothing in their lives. The funny thing is they don't noticed themselves not progressing anymore because just like I said... they were too positive.

Sometimes being optimistic will make you weak. You will get soft. For example a fighter will not train so hard because he knew he can beat his opponent. He was so optimistic that everything will be fine and he will become victorious in the end. He is not anticipating a big challenge ahead of them that is why he falls short in the end. All he thinks is he will dominate his opponent and raise his hand after the fight, he is not anticipating adversity. So when the going gets tough... he was stunned, he can't do anything, he was not prepared because all of his training days were taken for granted.

You have to become realistic in life, it is not an easy merry-go-round thing that will give you anything you want if you become optimistic and have a positive outlook. You need to work hard and be prepared for any adversity that may come. You can't be dreaming about winning without working.

Being optimistic without working hard is like wishing for a pot of gold to fall from the sky. Yes you are being positive but you are not realistic. And that is what make things impossible... wishing for it without suffering for it. It is ok to become very optimistic but you also have to become realistic.

August 26, 2016


A lot of people loves to travel they were so blinded with this quote "we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us". I immediately laugh when I read that quote. So does it mean if you are not travelling then you won't experience the "real life"? This is crazy, this is one of the most bullshits I've ever heard. While it is true that there are benefits in travelling, the funny thing is people were so blinded by it. They thought that it is the only way to make them happy. I even wonder if they were just travelling so they can impress people in social media at how adventurous they were and how rich they were, sometimes I wonder if that is really the case why they are travelling.

The big question is how far they've got by travelling a lot? They still go back to their homes after travelling, the worse is... they go back being sad again. Especially if their bills on their credit cards were so big. Did travelling made them successful? did travelling really fill the hole in their souls? I've known a lot of people who travels a lot and then they become depressed again. The bad thing here is travelling is what makes them sad. They put their happiness on travelling, if the cannot travel then they feel incomplete. They become addicted to that shit and they don't know how to become happy anymore by just being present.

The reality is travelling will lead you to nowhere because you will go back to your home again. You travel a lot but you still can't find yourself. Some people travel to forget their problems but when the trip is finished... they become problematic again, funny isn't it?

If you will think clearly... travelling is just for fun, there is no other meaning behind it. It is not a real journey because the real journey is the path that starts inside of you. The real journey has nothing to do with the external things around you. The real journey is something where you start and then you will not go back home anymore, it has a real destination, not a destination of bullshits and facebook posts. Even if you travel around the world, you can't still be forever happy because there will still be problems ahead of you. Traveling will just make you forget your problems for a while, but it cannot completely erase your problems. And also, traveling involves a lot o f money, so you mean to say if you don't have money you can't be happy?

Travelers were overrating travel so much as a very happy activity. Yes it is happy but what does it add to your life? experience? you can gain a lot of experience everyday by just looking around and doing something positive. You can gain a lot of experience by choosing a purpose and pursuing it everyday. You can only go very far if you will pursue your own journey and not stopping taking steps everyday to arrive at your destination.

August 26, 2016


Be careful what you wish for coz you might get it. You've been complaining all day, all week, all month and all year because you are working so had yet you can't be successful. And you have the right to complain because you are really working hard but still you are failing. You don't know why, even the universe don't know why.

You are waiting for so long, you wanted to give up but you couldn't because you've already come so far. You can't go back because there is no more place to go back. You already risked a lot, and that is why you are complaining too much... you have the right to complain.

But one day, all the things that you are waiting for will come to your life so fast... you couldn't even handle it. You are are just waiting for hundred thousands but you are rewarded with millions. You are just waiting for one success but multiple success is swarming you. You don't even know what to entertain first. Be careful what you wish for because you might get stressed in handling all the blessings that are coming to your life. You will even ask yourself "where are all these success hiding for so many years?".

It happened to a lot of people, they were working very very hard and multiple success comes into their lives. They don't even know what to do with their lives that is why they end up being miserable. They end up being broke again... a failure again.

So don't rush things, take it easy. Make slow progress everyday, just be patient because the right timing is just waiting for you. You just need to work everyday, make your work super hard and then success will come to you automatically. No need to doubt it, no need to curse it, all you have to do is trust it. Prepare your mind for the big success to come so that you will not get overwhelmed and crazy when it knocks on your door.