July 20, 2016


There are lot of researches nowadays that are manipulating people's minds. I don't know if those researches were true, all I know is I don't have to believe it. If some people believe it, I don't mind. If it is true, I don't mind either. I will only believe researches that are helping me and making me stay positive.

Some survey is telling you that people who travels a lot are more happier. Well, that sounds bullshit to me. I honestly hate travelling, I don't know but for me it is just a waste of time. You can be happy in your house, pursuing your goals or doing some other things that are beneficiary, I have my own brand of happiness, no one can dictate me how to be happy. Recreation is overrated. Happiness comes from within and not from external things or events. I am not against travelling, yeah it has some benefits, but for people to say that the ones who travels are more happier is crazy. I know I am happier than others who travels a lot, it is simply because my happiness doesn't depend on external forces. I don't need anything to be happy, I can create the emotional state from within. I don't need to experience different experiences in order for me to be happy. I just choose to be happy everyday even if I am not seeing anything or experiencing anything, and that is one hundred percent true.

That is why you don't have to believe a lot of research and surveys nowadays because you are not part of it. Are you also asked if you are happy travelling? If yes then it is true but if not then don't ever believe that shit because your mind will be manipulated, you will be forced to travel even if you don't like it because a lot of people tells you so and you already believed that travelling gives happiness.

I read another bullshit on the internet that says "late people are more creative" it says that scientists conducted a research and study about it. Well, you are not also one of the people who were part of the study, you are not part of the statistic. Don't ever believe that because you will become unprofessional if you are always late. For me it is just an excuse from other people that were always late. They still want to be wanted even if they were so unprofessional and that is why they are spreading trash information around the world.

Some researches are just hoax, it just wanted to gather a lot of attention. It just want to gain some traffic. What you need to do is see for yourself if it is true, don't agree right away. Even if the crowd tells you that it is true, still don't give your 100 percent trust. You have the right to choose what you wanted to believe, you have the right to choose what will make you happy.