July 22, 2016


Your fire is so hot, are you're real or not?
you never get tired, your fear already died
any mediocre person can't understand your reason
it's so unreal, you're the real deal

You're disgusted by mediocrity, you can beat any adversity
you quiet those haters, you humiliate non believers
you fly so high they can't even see you in the sky
your belief is unlimited, any doubter will be disrupted

You laugh at your own mistake, for you failure is a fake
you make pain rain, you make weak sick
you're a rebel and a genius, your will is tremendous
you don't know what is giving up, you don't fall into that trap

You're better than a president in making judgement
you're better than a senator, you're a survivor
No one can compete against you, you dance like a tornado
your move is always on the groove, your technique is fantastic

You're not in the zone, you're a zonebuster, you're a monster, you're a teacher
you don't teach them how to dougie, you show them how to become mighty
passion is begging for you to make him your passion
your ideas are timeless, your greater than greatness.

You are not talented, you are self invested
in your determination you trust, action is a must
you shine like a diamond, you're yummy as an almond
failing is not an option, domination is your obsession

How can you fail if you're tough as nail?
your skill is your will, your weapon is your motivation
they say bad things about you coz you can conquer an archipelago
you have what it takes, you can burn the lakes.