July 17, 2016


So you want to start doing your project tomorrow because you are so sleepy now and you think that tomorrow you will feel good already and have a lot of energy. You know what? I have a bad news for you, you will never feel good tomorrow for sure, you will still feel lazy and you might decide to start your project again the next day.

So you want your nervousness to go away before you ask your crush on a date? I'm sorry to say this, you will always be nervous everytime you see your crush. What you need to do is to act despite of being nervous, ask her even if your hands are shaky and your voice sounds like a baby. Be a man, stop acting like a kid that needs babying. Some boys might steal your lady so beware. I know you will look stupid if you speak with nervousness in your body but if you will not embrace that nervousness now then chances are you might not ask her forever.

So you want to feel so sure before you take a risk huh? think again kid, there is no guarantee in taking risks that is why it is called risk. It is a 50/50 so be ready to fail, if you fail so what? It is not a big deal, at least you finally know the answer. If you don't take the risk, you will think everyday what could have been. It is better to take risk now so you will reveal what is hidden.

If you are always looking for comfort then discomfort will look for you. This is the reality, you have to feel uncomfortable before you experience being comfortable. There is no such thing as watching TV and passing the exam, there is no such thing as eating junk foods and your body will be ripped.

You have to start right away even if you are not feeling well. There is no such thing as feeling good before you start. Success doesn't care if you feel good or not, it only cares about actions, it only cares about execution and producing momentum. If you don't want to start now because you don't feel it then just quit on your dreams and do some other things that are very comfortable such as watching x rated films and playing super mario 10. But how will it help you? how will it make your life better? Yeah it will make you feel good for a moment, but you will become a broke son of a bitch, you will become broke physically, mentally and financially.

Do it anyway. Even if you are sleepy, tired or whatever excuses you have in mind, do it! Do it even if you don't feel like doing it, do it even if you are slow, do it even if you feel so heavy. Because once you gain momentum and once you take some little steps... eventually you will feel better. You will tell yourself "YEAH!!! I made a right decision of taking actions, I did it! I am a badass".

You will feel good in the middle of the process, you will feel good once you are sweating, you will feel good once you are finishing some parts of the task. So stop looking for the right timing, stop looking for the right feeling, the right time to start is NOW!!!!