July 19, 2016


They say that excuses are just for losers but I say that at some point in your life you still need to make an excuse so you will have a better future. You need to use an excuse so you will be in a better position.

Most excuses are used to cover some mistakes, avoid blame and make people believe that you get unlucky that is why you fail. Successful people never make excuses, they are ashamed of it, they cannot even say that word because for them excuses are only for losers. It is true that excuses are only made by a bunch of people who never made it in life, they invented intricate stories that they think will make them somehow a person that should be given some consideration.

Believe me or not, you still need to make some excuses to have a better life. You still need to invent some stories so you will become a little closer to success. An excuse is good if it is used for good.

1. Excuse for not going to a party. Some of your bum friends will invite you to go to a party even though you have an exam tomorrow or you have an important business transaction tomorrow, this is the time where you need to make an excuse. Tell them that you are not feeling well so you can't go, tell them that your stomach is aching because you ate 12 bananas and drink an expired chocolate drink. Even if your story is believable or not... still make an excuse so you can prepare for more important things. Believe me, you will be happy in the end because you stop yourself from falling into their trap. You will tell yourself "If I'd go to the party last night, I might have a bad situation now".

2. Excuse for not lending a money. This is another scenario where you need to make an excuse. It is not that you are being selfish, it is only because you love yourself more than you love others. The reality is... the one who  is borrowing some money is the one who is selfish, it is because they are transferring their problems to another person. They just want to escape their responsibilities right away and let other people suffer for the irresponsibility that they did from the past. If you are a right thinking individual, you will not borrow money from others because you will handle your life correctly, you will spend wisely and you will prepare an emergency fund because you knew something might go wrong in the future.

Make an excuse to avoid lending someone some money, say that you are also in debt, tell him that you've not eaten for one week. Over exaggerate the excuse because the borrower is even exaggerating his stories just to get some money from you. Make the borrower feel that you really don't want to release some funds until he goes away. Make as many excuses as you can, even the most ridiculous ones. Toy with the borrower, make him feel he is not welcome. It's alright don't every feel guilty about it, it's his fault not yours, you are only saving yourself from someone who is fooling you from the very beginning. Borrowers will try to look very unfortunate and will tell you a lot of stories just to make you lend him some money and when it is time to return the money... the shit will not even talk to you.

3. Excuse to your mom why you can't do some household chores. Well this is not making an excuse at all. If you want to focus on your study and finish your assignments fast or if you have a project to do that is really rush then you should make it as an excuse to your mom. Tell her that you can't do what she is asking because you need to focus on your studies first. I am very sure all moms will understand it. But make sure that you are really doing what you are supposed to do because if she caught you doing something else... your ass might get spanked

See, not all excuses are bad if the intention for using it is to make your situation better. Use it to save you and not to save your sins.