July 22, 2016


To all leaders, never give instructions that you cannot do because you will bite your own ass in the end if everyone knows that you cannot do it.

A strong leader is a also a good follower. A strong leader will never give commands that he will not do himself.

Most leaders now are just making commands, not because it is needed in the operation but to just satisfy their needs. They were too lazy, they cannot even prepare a coffee for themselves. They command and command and command, they feel like they were the kings, they never give consideration to the followers.

Now, let's forget about the laziness of some leaders, let's talk about the ability to do your own order. If you are a leader and you ask someone to work for 20 hours straight because there is a tight deadline, are you also going to do it if needed? if you ask someone to work in a special holiday, will you be able to do a sacrifice like that too? Are you willing to disappoint your family because you can't join them in Christmas or New Year? you are doing that your people so you must do it too.

If you are the leader in your team and you are instructing someone to play hard defense then you must play hard defense too. You must play the hardest because if not, your teammates will notice it and they will lost respect to you. You are shouting at your teammates, you are blaming them but are you willing to take the blame too if you are the one who commits mistakes?

If you want your followers to follow you, you must set a good example. You must be willing to work the hardest, you must release a contagious energy that will inspire everyone to work harder and follow your orders. You must be willing to take harder sacrifices than them. You must take full responsibility. And everything falls apart, you must be willing to take the consequences and be the first one to take the blame.

A lot of leaders now were too lazy. They work very hard when they were just starting but when they reached the top... they act like a gang leader that has a cigarette on his mouth and a shotgun on his table while reading some newspaper. They never set a good example, they never inspire their team. All they do is scare people so they will be followed and respected.

You must have the ability to do your own orders because if the person who is designated to that order is not present... you're dead. A good leader must know what is going around, a good leader must possess more skills than his followers. He must be willing to substitute someone who is absent, do the work so the operation will continue to operate at its best.