July 20, 2016


It's alright if you accidentally erase your work because of lack of focus. It happens to anyone. After hours of working, thinking and busting your ass in your chair, you will accidentally not save your work or brownout has ruined it. It is alright, forget about it. Instead of blaming yourself, why don't you start again and work smarter this time.

I've been writing for 8 years and I accidentally erased my works that I did in 5 years. I think it is composed of 1000 articles I guess. I made a terrible mistake and up to now I am still regretting it. But what can I do? I cannot find those works anymore, all I can do is double it. Yeah, I might be in a better position right now if those articles weren't erased but I just tell my self that some things might not be also in my life if those articles were still alive. So instead of crying like a bitch, I decided to just double what I've lost. I wrote at least 1000 articles for 5 years and my goal now is to write 2000 articles in just four years and it is possible. I already wrote at least 700 plus articles in just two years so it is really possible if I work super hard.

If you've lost a million bucks from the past or let's say just a couple of thousands because of mishandling it and being an irresponsible spender... don't worry because you can bring those money back, you can even double it. Double what you've lost so you will not think about what is gone anymore. Once you earn a specific amount no matter how big it is, you can earn it again, you can earn it over and over again.

The key here is to double your effort, double your passion, double your work. Double everything that you do before so you can bring back what you've lost twice or even thrice.

Stop being sad because it won't help you. It won't bring back the money, the love or the properties that you've lost. Hope that everything will be back again, work to bring it all back again. There are lot of time to clean your name, there are lot of days to bring back your reputation. You can start again, no one is stopping you. You can dream again, you can achieve again, possibilities are unlimited.

Start now and try to double what you've lost, it is even better to triple it. This is just a numbers game, increase the numbers and the results will also increase. Increase the hardwork and the rewards will multiply. The rule is you will get what you work for.

So let go of what you've lost because it is already gone. You can bring it back if your mind is on the right track. Stop focusing on what is gone, instead try focusing on what is coming in.