July 21, 2016


How can clients get impressed with you if you are hiding your works? how can people see your skills and assess it if you are always scared of being criticized?

The reality is this... even if you are the greatest in this world you will still be criticized.

You need to show your work, post it in social media, email it to friends, post it on any form of advertising if you have money.

You are free to show your work, you can show it, nobody is stopping you. And don't ever have a mindset of "what if they don't like it?" of course not anyone will like it, but the main purpose of exposing your work is attracting people who wanted your service.

Even if the world says your work is ugly, never mind it. Your purpose is to express, your purpose is to attract some potential clients. Even if your work sucks, show it, it is free. I am very sure that some people will like it because every person has a different taste.

Expose it like it is the greatest work in the world, be proud of your work. You know you work hard for it or at least you put some time in creating it so never hold back and show it to the world. Expose it like a porn star, never be shy nor hide anything about your work. Expose all the details, market it like a thirsty marketer.

And you will see, at some point there will be someone who will message you and say "wow your work is incredible, can you work for me?" and of course you will put a smile in your face and tell yourself "Yes, I did it because I exposed it!" what a nice story.