July 22, 2016


There are no special qualities about winners, there is no secret behind their victories. They are just good choosers. They know what to choose, when to choose and how to choose. They choose wisely and they never choose options that are sure to fail.

They choose action over procrastination. Even if they don't know what to do they still move, even if they don't feel like doing it they still do it. They always made the right choice, what the heck on earth will you get by procrastinating? Winners will always choose movement over stopping. They never stop, all they do is keep moving so they can avoid overthinking that leads to zero results. For them, action is already winning, there is no wrong action for as long as the action is positive and is related to their goals and ambitions.

They choose believing over fearing. Even on the hardest situation, winners will still choose to believe. They never let the idea if defeat enter their minds. Even if it is really hard to believe because miracle is needed to win, they will still believe. They never let anything discourage them, they have a bulletproof mindset and their beliefs never change. They cannot see themselves losing, all they see is their hands raising. Their beliefs put them on top. They made the right choice, they choose keeping their fate so they were able to command their fate.

The choose hope over despair. Even if they have the strongest opponent, even if the challenge is so big and overwhelming, they still hope to win. They never think negative. They knew that the right mindset can give them the results that they want. They never let despair dominate their thoughts. They always find hope in adversity, even if it seems that they were already defeated... they never lose hope just for a second, they keep on hoping until good things happen to them.

They choose fighting over running. Winners will stay in war no matter what. In the hardest battles they will thrive, in the deepest waters they will survive. They take risks, they never run away from danger. They fight with their last breath, they will never stop until strength cannot be found in their bodies anymore. They will fight even if their swords were broken, they will fight even if their guns were bullet emptied. Winners will fight and die in the battle arena, they will give everything they've got.

They choose delayed gratification over instant celebration. Winners can take cruel sacrifices in order to become victorious, they cannot be tempted to stupid activities that gives temporary fun. They were disciplined, they were always looking at the big picture. They never let a small candy replace the big chocolate. They knew that if they sacrifice now, in the end they will get the biggest prize.

So you don't need a lot of skills or talents or intelligence or whatever. All you need to be is become a good chooser so you can become a winner. Choose the options that will put you in a better position to win. Never guess, never choose one thing and think about the other thing. Choose what is right, choose the things that will give you the right direction.