July 20, 2016


You are down because you put yourself down, there is no one else to blame but you. You are the creator and you are also the destructor. You create your life, you destroy it but the good thing is you can revive it.

If you got benched by your coach for 20 straight games it only means you are clowning. It is not the coach's fault, he may have some participation in it but the main suspect is still you. Yeah he is not giving you playing time but what are you doing in your life if you are not on the game? Are you practicing or are you drinking beers? are you meditating or are you entertaining negative thoughts about your teammates?. Are you being jealous with your other teammates that were given some playing time or are you happy for them? It is time to focus on yourself and stop looking for others' lives. It's grind season homie! Pick the ball and practice every skill that you can develop. And don't ever think that once you put an extra effort the you will immediately be rewarded, it is still a process, you have to wait for your time. But while waiting, stop clowning.

You are down so now you should stop acting like a clown. Stop playing around and do something to change your situation. Applying some different will give you some different. If you keep on running the same shits in your life then you will not be able to change your situation. It is time to get serious, it is time to stay away from trouble. When I say trouble, it means stay away from troubled actions and troubled mind. You need to turn things around, the time for joking around and bumming around is over.

If you are almost broke and you only have 20 cents in your pocket, it is time for you to stop clowning. Being broke is not a joke, even if you hope you will still choke. So what will you do? It is time for you to spend money wisely, gather yourself and do something to earn an extra income. You are down so stop being a clown. It is time to assess what makes you broke and cross out all the activities that are making you poorer. You can't be spending like a billionaire and working like a regular employee. If you want to spend more then you should earn more and also work more. You are only earning a couple of thousands but you are buying shits that you really can't afford. What kind of an attitude was that? You have a fucked up attitude in spending money, you are acting like a clown that is why you are down. So change now before it is over, you still have some time, you can still turn things around.

Your grades are down, so what do you wanted me to say? that it will be ok next time? well, shutup!. The time for being nice is over. Pick your books and read it, I don't care if it is already 4:47 am. You're down so you need to stand up. Drink some coffee or redbull or whatever substance that will make you stay awake!!!make sure it is not illegal drugs. Start reading your books and don't sleep until you have a lot of information inputted in your rusty little brain.

Some people's lives were fucked up because they did it to themselves. They don't take responsible actions, all they do is have some fun, try to look cool and then when reality sets in.... they don't know what to do, they panic, they freaked out, they want to end their lives. Very funny, very weak behavior!

When you're down, accept it, make it as a serious warning that you need to be more responsible in your life. You need to do what is needed, even if you don't want to do it. And don't ever think that changing is easy, it is hard but it is possible. Even if you feel like dying because you are forced to do what you don't want to do, do it. Die changing, stop being a clown.