July 21, 2016


This article is very simple and everyone can get it, and also I think everyone already knew this but I will still write it anyway as a reminder. Sometimes I don't know if people are acting dumb or they just don't care, they don't care if their decisions are right or wrong. If you want to have a better position in life then you should know when to say NO. You should say YES when you need to say yes.

Say No to leeches. These type of people will suck your blood until you are dead. They will get anything from you, they will never get shy, they have a thick skin. Say no until you can, forget about how they feel. They don't even care how you feel. Just say no, No explanation needed, no more bullshits. And don't ever feel guilty or selfish if you see that they feel bad about your decision, they can help themselves, they were just too lazy and dependent. Start saying no now before they forced you to say yes over and over again.

Say no to drugs. What the heck will you get by doing drugs? It is just giving you temporary fun. Once you get addicted to illegal drugs then your life is already over. You are no longer controlling your life, drugs is controlling you. Your decisions were stupid, your actions were all related to self destruction. Some people take drugs to look cool, some people take it to forget problems. The sad reality is...  even if you have all the money in the world you will still have problems. Face your problems and punish it.

Say no to PEER pressure. Sometimes you are doing something because people around you forced you to do it. You should think first if what you are doing is what you really want, think first if it is good and will make your life better. Don't do something because a lot of people do it and you don't want to get left behind. Not all peer pressure is bad but most of it were not good. By doing something because you are forced to do it, you are forgetting your right to choose and make decisions. It is like you have a life but your are like a remote control car controlled by another person. You can't run without their battery.

Say yes to opportunities. No excuses, no thinking that you are not ready. Once the opportunity knocks on your door, regardless if you are ready or not, grab it. Eat the opportunity like it's the last pizza on the box. Devour the moment, forget about failing. Just take the chance. If you don't think that you don't deserve it then you will not really deserve it. But if you think that you deserve it even you are not then eventually you will succeed. Say yes without hesitation, say yes to success.

Say yes to your parents, siblings and friends. You know if someone is using you or not. You know who are the people who will stay beside you no matter what. If your true friend or brother, sister or even parents ask you a little favor just say yes. It is worth it to spend some time with people who really loved you. Never pass to an activity for the people who truly loves you because spending time with fake people and wannabes is the stupidest thing on earth,

These are just samples of instances where you should say yes or no. Whatever your decision in life is.. make sure it is in favor of you. Make sure you will get some benefits from it like love and progress.