July 05, 2016


A lot of gurus out there are forcing you to grow but what does real growth means? For me growth means a positive increase in your properties, strength and knowledge as simple as that. There is no need to do a lot of process to grow. No need for a lot of meditation, seminars, buying of books that will make your pocket thinner, and by the way is there growth in spending? Yes there is if your intention for spending that money is to grow but what if you spend a lot buying self help books but you are not really committed to it then it only means you are only fooling yourself.

You can grow anytime. If you just make at least 30 pushups today then that is growth already. If yesterday you only have 50 bucks but now you already have 52 bucks then that is already growth. If yesterday you can only add numbers but now you also know how to multiply then that is also a growth. Growth simply means you were better than yesterday may it be financially, physically or mentally.

Growth can be anywhere, you don't need a guru or a teacher to teach you how to grow. Growth is a self made process and a decision that comes from yourself. And besides, you will feel it if you are growing or not. You can listen to millions of audio books about self improvement, pay a lot of seminars to listen to self development gurus but if you feel that you are not growing then you are still not growing. Growth is an honest assessment of yourself that you improve just a little bit. It doesn't matter if the improvement is huge or not. For as long as there is development, there is an improvement.

Find something that you want to grow in your life. It can be a simple skill like reading a book fast, playing different instruments, mastering yoga, developing some skills in sports, developing an idea that was created by yourself, producing some inventions that wasn't seen before.

You can grow anytime, anywhere, nobody has the right to judge you if you are growing or not. You don't need a lot of self help books, all you need is commitment. Commit to your journey, make yourself grow everyday, don't stop.


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