July 29, 2016


I think everyone is great, everyone is an expert in something the only question is... is your greatness something you can be proud of? is your  greatness something your family and friends can be proud of? is it something to talk about? can your greatness move the world?

If you are hurting your ass by sitting and just watching TV for 12-14 hours a day then that is greatness too. You will memorize the different channels, what are the next movies to watch, what are the full schedules of the channels and basically you know what is happening around the world. You know who is the latest celebrity that is pregnant by watching gossip channels, you know who is the drug lord that has been killed by watching News and any other stupid things. Basically you really know a lot. Your house mates have a source to ask if they want to know what are the nicest movies to watch, wasn't that great? Honestly, you are also great, you are the master of your own domain. You know a lot about TV, you know everything about sports, celebrities, news, soap operas etc. You are the king of your sofa.

If you are a video game addict, you are also great. You know all the video game characters, you know the cheats, you finished a lot of games. And speaking of finishing, at least you learn how to finish in life. You are great because if someone sees you playing in a slot machine at the mall... they will be amazed at how you easily destroy your opponents or finish a certain level. You are great, you're like a game master. You even know the latest gadgets for playing video games, you know what brands are good. You are killing it.

Some people are great in telling lies, they know how to manipulate people. They know how to invent stories that will benefit them. They were great too even if their greatness is negative. They mastered a skill that for everyone is ugly bit the truth is... it is still greatness. They knew that they can get away at anything by just telling lies, they knew they were really great at telling lies. And if you are sure of your skills and you know you will prevail then you are great.

Some people were great in procrastinating... Yeah you heard me right, they were also great. Can you imagine yourself putting aside an important task and not doing it for weeks. They will only do it if great danger is threatening them. Some people even don't want to take a bath for weeks even though their butt is itching like hell. They don't care about it. It didn't bother them at all. They take procrastination to another level. Even if their moms wanted to kill them because they were too lazy... they still don't care, all they wanna do is procrastinate.

Some people were great in posting at social media, they post a lot. They post and post and post even if their posts were nonsense. They don't care because they were great. Some people were even great in making enemies, these people were naturally annoying and they can't finish their day without fighting anyone. The fight can be about small or big things, physically or mentally. They don't care at all. They were really great in fighting.

You too can become great, all you have to do is repeatedly do one thing everyday, do it for number of hours and you will become great. Greatness can either be positive or negative. That is why there are even some people who were great in killing, they were always hired because they are professionals, their job is very clean. There are even some people who are great in hating, they bash, they trash talk, they pull somebody down and they really destroy some lives. They are great is spreading negativity.

But the question is... is your greatness contributing to the world? is your greatness gonna give you benefits in the end? will it make your life better? You can become great at anything just make sure your choice is right.