July 30, 2016


When things go hard, really really hard and you feel like giving up... you shouldn't because help will come along the way. There is a designated angel for you. And this is true.

But that angel doesn't know that he is your angel. He will just come to help you without any intention of helping you from the very beginning. And this angel will just come if you are truly giving your best and it comes to the point where you want to give up already. 

For example, if you are looking for a job relentlessly and you don't want to stop until you get a job... sometimes you feel like giving up because you are so devastated and downhearted. But just when you are about to give up someone will call on your cellphone and will tell you to report to their office immediately. That person who called you is your angel but he doesn't know about it. 

If your neck is choked by debts, if your house is about to get pulled by a bank...  don't worry because there will be a solution for that problem, the angel can be things or checks or maybe someone with a good heart that will lend you some cold cash. But the thing is this, it will only show if you are working hard and you are not waiting for the help to come. You must look for the solution relentlessly because the angel will only help someone who is deserving and not someone who is just asking. 

If multiple teams have passed on you, they don't want you to be part of their team. And yet you are still working hard, you are still hopeful that one day your talent will be noticed... you are doing the right thing my friend, somewhere along the way an agent will talk to you and will help you to sign for a contract for a certain team. The contract may not be that big yet but it is already the encore to your success. 

Help will come, there is a designated angel that will help you. The universe is good, it is working for you but help will only come to you if you are truly deserving. If you are a lazy bum ass wanting to become rich without working then goodluck to you. You may die waiting for a help that will never come. 

So just continue working hard and search for solutions even though your situation is really hard. Help will come and it is guaranteed. But again, you should not wait for it because it will never come, you should show the world first that you are deserving to get some help.