July 21, 2016


There are reasons why some things get lost, there are reasons why some people leave. Just when you thought that you are so unfortunate because you lost someone or something but in the end you will see that there is a replacement and that replacement is much much better than the old one.

This happens to me a lot of times. I am so mad if I lost something. My face turns into red, I wanted to destroy something and explode. But I am still lucky I can think the right way when my emotions are turning high. I was able to control myself and do the right thing. I have a story to tell, one night when I was about to begin my exercise routine, I lost my cellphone. I badly needed it because my exercise revolves in that cellphone. The timer is there, the video drills are recorded there, I need it because the game plan is basically there. But no matter how hard I look for it I still can't find it. I decided to just exercise in my room and I will just use the timer in my PC but I still have to download a timer because there is no installed in my PC. While I am downloading a timer, I accidentally found this technique called TABATA. This exercise drill is brutal. It will make your lungs explode, you will see stars after you finished a set. I am very happy because I know this is a good addition to my conditioning program. If I didn't misplaced my cellphone then probably I wouldn't discover tabata. I am so happy, THE REPLACEMENT IS BETTER. I replace my older drills with tabata which is a more effective one.

There is always a replacement, you can replace what you've lost with something better. If you lost your money, forget about it, you can earn or find more money in the future, you can replace what has been lost. It is like a tree that was cut and then it grows again, the stems were stronger, the leaves were greener. The replacement is always better.

If your partner leaves you for unknown reason, don't go after him/her. Take a time to feel the pain and then open your heart for loving again. I am very sure the right person is along the way, all you need to do is stop rushing, let the love come naturally.

The only thing that has no replacement is your life so you better take care of your life and never lost it. Once your life is gone, it is totally gone, you are not sure if there is really a second life.

Always let the replacement come naturally, never look for replacement right away once you've lost something. You might pick the wrong replacement if you forcefully look for it. Trust that what has been lost will be replaced by a much better one. You don't have to constantly look for it, it will come on the right time.