July 31, 2016


What makes your motor move? what makes you move despite of not feeling well? what drives you? what makes you go into that system and do the necessary things to keep that system alive?

If you want to live a certain lifestyle, you have to build habits, relationships and budget to live that lifestyle.

There is a gasoline that fuels each motor. What I am talking about is there are things or situations or even people that can keep a system alive. And it is up to you how to keep that system alive, sometimes you don't even know that your activities are what keeps it alive.

Come to think of it.. have you seen a man on his 20s and living like a bum? he is so lazy, irresponsible and happy go lucky but when he finally got married... his life change completely. He is responsible, he earn more, he is giving enough for his family. Yet he is still complaining with his life because he cannot do the things he used to do before like drinking, partying, smoking and playing. He is even mad because he always caught himself having an argument with his wife and he feels like he is living in hell.

But what he don't know is that his wife is the gasoline of his motor. If he didn't get married then he will not become a more matured man. He will not become responsible and his life will not be in good direction. His family is his system, he is maintaining it and his world revolves around them.Without them, he may still be a bum up to now.

Another case is a man who is living with two wives. It is hard but his two families serve as his motor. He is earning a lot because he knew he have a lot of mouths to fed, He is working hard and he doubles his effort every now and then. When you look at him, he don't seem to be stressed at all. For him, having two families is not a problem because he can find ways how to give them what they need.

When I was in my early 20s, basketball serve as my motor. I am a star player and the same time the manager. I get to choose whose teammates I want to play with, I can play anytime I want during the game, I can play as much I want. But behind that... I am working hard to support my team so we can join some leagues. Some of my earnings also go to my shoes, I am a shoe addict before. My life is simply basketball for five years. It makes me work hard so I can support my hobby, I am the major instrument for making that system alive. I am happy because I've learn a lot and my personality evolves. There are hard times but it only makes me stronger than before.

How about you? what is the gasoline to your motor? what makes your life evolve? what makes you stay motivated? Look at the people around you. What are your activities? If your life is not doing well it simply means your gasoline is not good. You should be aware of what is going on with your life. You should be aware of your hobbies, the people around you and your thoughts. Everything that is connected to your life has something to do with your lifestyle.