July 28, 2016


Some excuses were true but a lot of people were escalating it to the point where it is annoying and not helping them anymore. They focused on their excuses that is why they can't move in life.

It is true that some people will not treat you right, it is true that you are deserving than others, it is true that sometimes the world is so mean. But did those millions of excuses of yours serve you? did it change your life? I never remember anyone who succeeded in life that made an excuse, if there is anyone you know can you tell me? Winners never made excuses because they are winning, losers make excuses because they can't accept the fact that they fail.

The best way to beat an excuse is to adapt to the situation and keep moving even if you feel so bad. 

Yes it is hard to move on especially if you are feeling so bad and you want to make an outburst or something. But you also have to remember that you are also responsible for your emotions. Dig deeper, think smarter. Think about what will happen to you if you continuously complain about the economy, recession, your boss being abusive, your neighbor being a bitch etc etc.

You have to adapt to the situation. You can make adjustments, you can change shape, you can change color, you can change everything. Once you change, everything around you will change. But change will not take place unless you learn to adapt and continuously improve everyday. Just do what you think is right for your life, when I say right... it should be positive and can give you benefits.

To beat an excuse you should stop being a subject of abuse. No one owes you shit, you are not a victim so stop playing the pity game. If someone mistreated you, if someone is not being nice to you... just move one. Let go of something that is not serving you.

This world is so dynamic, it is very fast. Excuses will give you less, it will stop you from receiving, it will stop you from progressing.

If you really can't stop your mouth from whining then just tell it to the closest person in your life and then move on, stop talking about it anymore. Anyone of us needs an outlet, we need to tell how bad we feel so we can feel good. Just make sure the person you are sharing with your problems is trustworthy and is really helping you.

And once you tell your drama, once he or she sympathizes you... move on!!