July 27, 2016


It is hard to believe especially when you see things not going on your way. It is hard to believe if you are failing over and over again. If you are pursuing goals that you don't know if you can get or not, if everyone is already counting you out, if everyone is laughing at you, criticizing you, how can you still believe yourself?

That is the art of believing, you don't know if you still believe yourself. Belief will not exist without doubts. The art of believing is not simply believing it and your beliefs will not be shattered. There will be times when you don't want to continue anymore, there will be times you will think if it is still rational to continue.  But that's just the way it is, if you can bring back your faith and push a little more then you will overcome doubts.

If you will not look for the results, instead you are sticking with the process then you will find the motivation to continue. Not seeing that you are winning will make you weak but if you will focus on movement itself and nothing else then you will find your power to keep going and going and going until you win. Believing is simply moving, you will be more doubtful if you keep on checking the results every now and then.

Believing is not about being confident or bad ass or God like mode. It has nothing to do with emotions, it is about being scared but the belief is still there and the willingness to act is still there, it is about enduring the pain and still believing that everything will be alright in the end. Your belief will always be tested especially during hard times, because that is what belief is all about, it is paired with challenges, pain and adversity. If you are not being tested then you are not really believing.

With belief, you can conquer anything. A cancer patient can survive cancer if he truly believes that he will not die because he will never let his last breath go despite of pain, despite of misery. He will find the energy from nowhere to survive for just a second and a second and a second. Then those seconds will never end, he will continue living even if everyone wants to give up. No medicine needed, no tubes or doctors needed, all he got is his belief, that last thought in his head that he will survive no matter what.