July 02, 2016


All your life you've been eating hotdogs and tomatoes for lunch, it is simply because the money in your pocket is not enough to buy a much healthier and yummier food. Now, if you are happy with it then be it, don't change, just eat hotdogs and tomatoes forever. BUT... there is a big but, if you are sick and tired of it then it is time for you to taste something different.  Aim for the steaks, aim for the more expensive and yummier food. And don't ever ask me how are you going to get it, you know the answer, you know that it's just working harder than yesterday. There is no such thing as something for nothing, you have to pay the price but it is possible.

It is time for you to taste what you wanted to taste, experience wanted to experience, have what you don't have.

If you are sick and tired of earning just a couple of dollars a month then it is time for you to taste something different, how about a thousands of dollars or even a hundred thousands of dollars? Was it good or was it great? Imagine what you can buy with that kind of money. Imagine how would you look like, isn't that amazing? Nice car, nice clothes, nice shoes and nice lifestyle. That is something different, wouldn't you like it?

You've tasted defeat over and over again, now do you want to taste something different? do you want to taste victory and raise your hand at some point in your life? or do you just want to become a loser forever? you know the answer, stop fooling yourself that what you have is all you can have, you can experience some other things, you can experience better.

What will you do to taste something different? If you are going to ask me, I don't know the answer. All I know is you have to do something different, something different from yesterday. You also have to work harder. If you want different result then you have to do different things.

The clock is ticking, you have to start working. If you want to experience better things in life then stop waiting and start executing. And don't ever tell me that you don't deserve better things in life, stop being satisfied with being a mediocre type of individual. You too can reach the top, you too can dream big and accomplished what successful people does.

Strike immediately and be patient. Look for something that you think will put you in a better position to achieve what you want and stick with it. If it is about selling some craps in your backyard, do it, that is a good starting point. Do something that will bring you further. Do something that will give you momentum. DO IT! DO IT BITCH!