July 11, 2016


If you don't want to start, if you don't know how to start then you should stop. Stopping is also starting because after stopping you will begin something. Pretty funny isn't it?

If you stop watching TV then you will do your tasks right away. Stop looking for another stupid and useless activity, just do what you are supposed to do, you already stop so don't start again.

If you stop spending time in social media then you will start to exercise or write or earn extra money. It is very simple isn't it? Just stop and you will start.

Success is just a matter of what you want to stop and what you want to start. If something stops then something will start. So stop engaging into bullshit activities and start doing something that will make your life better. Choose what to stop, choose what to start and choose smart.

Once you stop something don't start it again. Once you start something stop stopping it. This is a matter of how discipline you are. Again, this is not an easy task but it is possible. Anything you want to do, you can do it. But you have to be patient and start acting like intelligent.

The question is when will you stop and when will you start? you have to reverse the course right away. No one will wait for you, no one will stop you, no one can force you to start other than yourself.

If you are having a difficulty in starting then stop. Stop the bullshits and goodshits will start.