July 28, 2016


I am not a big fan of rest but I found out that in order for you to find out what is missing, you also need to rest. Because the more you force it and make it happen, the more it won't happen. Had this happen to you where you are working so hard, you are doing all the steps required to become successful but still you can't see any progress? It is simply because you are not excited, you are not motivated, yes you are working but you are already angry. You want the results right away that is why you just repeat what you are doing and you keep on getting the same results.

Resting will give you a clear mind, it will give you more energy and more strength to accomplish what you are ought to accomplish. It will give you time to think and gather positive energies to come back stronger and more hopeful.

If you are this type of person who constantly push and push because you are sick and tired of living less but you can't figure out what is the right thing to do... just rest a little bit. Take time to really rest, don't think, don't plan, just quiet your mind. Enjoy the moment that you are not working, for sure it will help.

Did it ever happen to you where your cellphone is not working for unknown reason? No matter how you fix it, it is still not working. You restart it, you delete the apps, you charge the battery, you pray for it but it still didn't work. Then you rest it for some weeks and turn it on again, then suddenly it works. See, even gadgets need some break, it also need some rest so it can work again.

Rest is a must for everyone especially if you are so drained in working. You need it to remove all the toxic in your body from stressful environment of work. You can't be working 365 days a year pursuing your goal, you might get crazy doing that. But don't rest for so long to the point where you are already doing a vacation. Your body and mind knows how much rest you needed, when you feel like you've been already freshened up... stand up and grind again. You will see that you have fresh ideas, your body and mind will operate at its best, and mostly... you will see the solution that you've been searching for a long time.