July 26, 2016


If you can't find a role model because your standards were too high and you think you are better than a lot of people. Then look for people who were not supposed to be role models. I call these people role model by accident.

You can look up to them and you will know what not to do with your life. I am talking about these lazy bum ass, addicts, trying to become cool, complainants, negative and not dreaming types of people. They were role model by accidents because they have nothing to show but they will show you what not to do.

Look at those failures if you wanted to succeed. Study their languages, habits and approach in life. Study all of it and never do anything like that, never emulate their behavior, go totally to the opposite direction. And you will see that you will get the opposite results, you will get what they don't have, you will achieve more than they can do.

You want to succeed? always look for those people who fell short in life. Know their excuses and never do anything like those. You will learn that they fail because they focus their energies on negative things that are not helping them. They simply fuck up their life and take it for granted. They do stupid things, they became lazy but they are asking for more.

Now that you see the result of behaving like a failure, what now? are you going to copy their lifestyle and mindset? You have now your role models by accidents, they show you how are you gonna live the rest of your life if you follow them. They gave you the blackprints to failure not the blueprints to success. Now it is time for you to go the opposite way, unfollow those role models and never copy their behaviors.