July 27, 2016


For you guys who are still wondering why are there some people who you think are very intelligent.. there is an answer for that. There is no such thing as "the chosen ones" or gifted people. So stop comparing yourself to others, stop belittling yourself and telling yourself that you are not smart and blessed. You have a hidden intelligence inside of you, just stop being a dumb and believing in those nonsense things that are not making you hopeful and competitive. You too are smart there are just some reasons why you think you are not smart, your mind is not programmed correctly.

Anyway here are some reason why there are people who were intelligent:

1. They only study what they want and do what they want. Look at Bill Gates, he dropped out from college because he is not interested with the subjects being thought. He has a vision and he truly believes that he can do something great. He didn't waste time studying things that for him is nonsense. He wanted to invent something that will make the people's lives better and he succeed. From the start, all he wanted is to invent the microsft, he is single minded, he is very sure of what he want, he never follow the norms because he values his passion. Imagine if Bill gates was forced to study music, what do you think will be the outcome? of course he didn't like it so he will look stupid doing it.

That is why there are some students in class who were labelled as stupid and slow, these students are not really stupid, they just don't want the subjects being thought, they want some other things that will ignite their passion. They were good in other things, they just need time to discover it. That is why sometimes school is not helpful, it is forcing you to study what you don't need.

2. They are not afraid to look weird. At first, the smartest people were labelled as weird and crazy human beings. It is because their ideas and looks were out of this world. People cannot understand their behavior and insights. They are not afraid to look weird that is why they were able to express their ideas regardless of the criticisms of others. At first, people look at them as dumb but in the end they were praised and idolized. Look at Albert Einstein, he looks so weird but it is because he is just being himself, he is not afraid to share his crazy ideas to people, he is widely scrutinized at first but people worship him in the end. You can expose your ideas and show your intelligence if you are not afraid to look crazy because people are so judgemental and they are very mean to things that they don't understand.

3.They have high belief in themselves. Have you ever met someone who talks so smart, moves so smart and act intelligently only to find out that this person is undergraduate or didn't have a high achievement is school? Intelligent people have high belief in themselves, they were very confident on what they know because just like I said, they are only interested in what they know that is why they were very good at it. They are the kings of their own domain because they love their knowledge so much. They knew they are the best in what they know, that is why they look so smart. They believe that they were always right but they are also open to other information that will help them. Their confidence comes from studying what they love so hard to the point where they became experts and geniuses.

So if you want to look intelligent, I mean really intelligent then study what you really love. Do what you really wanted to do so you will be able to endure the tough times studying it. If you don't love what you are studying or at least learn how to love it then you will quit early and find something else that you think will make you happy.

You will become really intelligent if the information that is embedded in your system really connects with the real you.