July 09, 2016


Making an emergency plan is a really good technique to keep yourself in control if you are about to enter a situation that is full of stress and emotions. For example if you are about to enter a big challenge like trying out for a varsity team or you are in a fight business like boxing and MMA and you are about to fight someone that you don't even know... make an emergency plan that you will follow if things get worse.

Your emergency plan can be about mentally or physically. It is like a backup strategy but it is more than that.

For example, you are in a middle of competition and things get hard. You feel the pressure, you feel the pain and it seems like you can't find an air to breathe. You should remember your emergency plan. What are you going to think, how will you react, what will you do in a specific situation. Your emergency plan should match the given situation. In this way, you can escape a situation that is so hard. You will not panic and freak out because you know there is something you can rely on. There is an action that you will execute, there are thoughts that you will entertain. In other words you have a reserve tank, you will not ran out, you will always prevail in the end.

When I am in a middle of a basketball game and I found myself getting overwhelmed by opponents. My emergency plan is I will run faster and move as much as I can so my nervousness will fade, and it does. My confidence is gaining back and I can start to play my real game.

When I am in an environment full of people and my anxiety attacks... of course the sweating in my palms and face is unacceptable, It feels like I want to disappear. But my emergency plan is a.) I will breathe deeply and forget about what is going on, I will just let my thoughts come and go, it is like meditating with eyes open. But of course you will still be open to conversations b.) I will say to my self "it's ok to look stupid, people don't care as much as I do, this is just life, I am just playing". Once I begin to execute those platforms, everything is fine again. My anxiety looks like a bitch that didn't even affect me.

Let's face it, life is not all about rainbows and butterflies and fairy tales. You can't be smooth sailing everyday, there will be situations that you don't like, there will be instances that are really uncomfortable.

You should have an emergency plan so you will not suck. Once the pressure is there, follow that plan, execute it, stick with it and trust it. Having an emergency plan will make you very confident and loose. You know that whatever happens, there is something you can pull inside of your cabinet.