July 23, 2016


Yes, it is sweeter to celebrate a victory if you have something to see. If you have a trophy, a reward, a cash prize or something. For others, that is what victory is all about.. getting a reward or recognition. And there is nothing wrong with that, if they see victory that way then it is fine.

But the real victory is just a simple win. A simple win that makes your heart very happy.

Why does people wanted to have something to get if they win? It is because the reward or prize makes them feel good. It makes the moment special, it makes the win look like a real win. It gives them thrill and excitement, it produces joy and ecstasy. Imagine a championship game without a trophy, it looks very boring right? Imagine a boxing fight without a cash prize, will the boxers fight to death if there is no money involved? If you get something it feels like you achieved something.

But if you are really passionate in what you are doing, if you just play the game because you love it.. you don't need a prize. You play with your heart, you give everything you can. Same in any other field like dancing, singing, writing etc. They don't act for the money alone, they do what they are doing because they love it and they don't care if they win or not. And even if they win... it still doesn't matter if there is a price or none. They are just happy performing or competing. Their passion gives them a feeling that is hard to explain.

Even if you lose, even if you don't get anything...  you are still happy with the experience that you get. Doing what you love is already a victory, there is no other greater feeling than that. The prizes and trophies are just bonuses, it means nothing, those are just things. It doesn't define your greatness. Your happiness is the measure of your success.