July 11, 2016


95% of people around the world will choose pleasure over pain. Well who does want to have pain in his life? The word pain itself is very painful, even if you just hear it, you may not want to deal with it. Pain is scary, pain is something to be passed.

But why is pain better than pleasure? The answer is very simple, IT HAS REWARDS.

Can you get a reward in partying? can you get a reward in eating a lot of junk foods? can you get a reward in playing video games the whole day? What good things does these activities can give you? All it can do is make you fat and weak.

What is the benefit of drinking a lot and smoking everyday? it gives you pleasure but what is the benefit in the long run? Can it make you rich? can it make you successful? All it does is shorten your life span and nothing more than that, what a contribution!

But how about pain? let's talk about pain. The pain in disciplining yourself, what rewards can it give you? yeah it is really boring, you can't see instant rewards in discipline but you can see that your personality is getting better. You are accomplishing more things, your life is improving everyday. You don't know that you are changing little by little everyday, you will be surprised with the results in the end.

How about the pain in choosing the right thing? are there benefits on it? developing a habit of first things first, can it change your life? You know the answer if you are thinking right. There is no such thing as something for nothing, you have to pay the price if you want to get the prize. Do the important things first, make it a habit and you will see some dramatic changes in your life.

Instant pleasures will bring long term pain. You can have steroids now, you can use drugs now but the long term effect will be very damaging. You can watch a lot of movies now because it made you feel good, it takes away your boredom but in the long run... how will it help you? The DVDs that you bought, the money and time you've wasted, it will only become a contribution for your broken life.

Choose pain. A pain that has benefits, not a pain that comes from committing suicide or punishing yourself for nothing. A pain that you believe will bring something good in your life such as exercise, studying, stopping yourself from buying stupid things, sacrificing for your loved ones. Choose a pain that is worth it. It is better than pleasure, you thought that pain is just pain in the beginning but in the end you will see that it is the real pleasure.