July 20, 2016


Knowing a lot is dangerous, very very dangerous. I used to be that guy before. I want to know a lot, I want to study a lot not knowing that it will only make me overwhelmed in the end. I want to know a lot because I think it will make me earn a lot and also I want to impress a lot of people. Lately, I found out that wanting to know a lot is not healthy, it will only make you confused and stuck in a mud.

What is your purpose of studying? is it just to impress people and making them know that you are smart? or is it because you just want to learn it? The best reason why you should learn something is because you want it. No other reasons like impressing people and being a dominant person if you're in a conversation. People who were arrogant because they know a lot were stupid. If you are really smart then you don't need to prove it, people will see it naturally.

Just learn what you needed. If what you need is to learn about basic computer then just learn it. Stop learning about programming, stop learning about how to make a virus because it will only make your mind confused in the end. Stop continuously putting information in your mind that aren't necessarily needed, you are only making yourself suffer. It is ok to study other things if you really want it but if you just want to add information in your mind so you can have an edge from others then you will have a difficulty in learning those things. Because you really don't want to learn it, you just want the benefits from learning it.

Apply what you've learned, do it. Once you've learned something, do it right away, test if it works. Test if it will contribute something to your life and if it didn't... forget that knowledge. Look for another knowledge and test it again. It is like a trial and error method, you test one information and another information until you get what is right. You don't need to know everything right away, you just need a piece of information to use and see if it works. For example, you want to become fit, you only need a couple of drills in exercise. You don't need to know everything, you just need to know at least 2 or three drills to work on and see if it will give you some results.

Some people wanted to learn everything, they want to know all the methods but they will not do it. A knowledge that was not used is useless. You can know every method in the world but if you can't utilize all of them, you just waste your time on getting that knowledge.

In my opinion, the best knowledge is something that you will enjoy or something that will give you money. I am very interested in making money online and that is my only focus. By the way, I am also interested in graphic design so I use it to make money online. I am very happy with the little knowledge I have, I am proud of it, it makes me happy everyday, it makes me motivated. I am so happy because the little knowledge that I have is being over used everyday, it is very useful and beneficiary.

You can gather a lot of information and put it in your system but how does that help you?  how does that make your life better? you can know all the continents in the world, the countries in the world and even the states but how does that help you? did it give you some money? if yes then good for you but if not... sorry to say this but you only wasted your time knowing all those things.

A lot of people in this world were pretending that they know a lot, they will overwhelmed you with all the information they've got, but don't get carried away. You know you also have some knowledge kept inside and just be happy with it. It is ok if they tell you that you only know little for as long as you know that you are happy with your knowledge and it is giving you a better life. There is no need to compare your knowledge to anyone, the most important thing here is whose knowledge is the most effective and useful. It is not about the quantity, it is about the quality.

Stop knowing everything, just know what is useful and what is making you really interested.