July 25, 2016


Losers always use the word luck everytime they lose. It seems like the word luck is their twins.

If an unemployed person cannot find a job what will he say? he is not lucky, his luck is not coming yet. He has no luck in finding a job. Those losers really believe that luck has something to do with their situation.

Where will an unprepared person that will compete tomorrow get his strength? ON LUCK, he will just hope that he becomes lucky, he will hope that his opponent gets injured. He will hope for lucky punch, lucky shot and lucky breaks. He knew that he can never win with his effort alone because he didn't even practice. That is what losers does, they will just pray for luck, they will never try to give their 100 percent effort, they are ready to lose.

The question is... did luck arrived? of course not. Luck will only show itself to people who works hard, as the saying goes "the more you work hard, the luckier you get." For the record, there is no lazy person that gets lucky.

Another scenario is a guy already lost, he was dominated by his opponent, he was outclassed. Now he is talking to his friends that his opponent just got lucky. He is making everyone believe that his lost was just a fluke and he can really win it, he makes a lot of excuses, he keeps on insisting that his lost happened because of accident.

The word luck is the favorite word of losers. They use it to blame the situation and they also rely on it to win. They cannot live without luck because it is their bread and butter. Luck is their security, it is their only hope.

Now, if you really want to make it in life... forget the word luck, forget about wanting to become lucky because there is no really such thing as luck. People who made it in life never got lucky, they put in the hard work and an unstoppable effort to win.

How to win without relying on luck:

1. Outwork everyone. This is very simple but hard but anyone can do this. All you need to do is make sure that nobody work as hard as you. This is the best way to become successful, by working really really hard, you will produce an output that no one has seen yet. You can do things that not a normal person can do, you will create magnificent outputs that will attract a lot of attention. Always push your self to the limits and you will discover that there are no limits. Your mindset is what limits you, if you can work super hard then your belief will increase and opportunities will come to you naturally.

2. Disbelief luck. Forget luck completely, you are alone in this world. You are the one who can make things happen. If there is still a little shadow of luck in your mind then you will not give your 100 percent, you will still put your success in the hands of luck, you will never trust yourself completely. If you can get rid of the idea of being lucky then it is a win-win situation for you. You will go all out and you will do whatever it takes to win.


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