July 29, 2016


There millions of ways on how to do or achieve things. You are just afraid how to do it on your own or maybe your mind is conditioned on how to do specific things and you are not willing to try other things.

Everything you need is already around you or inside of you, you just need to change your perspective or experiment a little bit. Just like a situation where you are having a juice and your juice is very sweet so you want to tone down the sweetness a little bit. It is either you add some water into your juice or you eat other sweets like candies or chocolates and when you drink your juice, it is not that sweet anymore.

If you want to run a marathon... the first requirement is you have to have a running shoes. But what if you don't have? You can run using other shoes like ballet shoes and combat shoes. It is funny but what if those are the only shoes available? what if you are poor as rat and those are the only shoes you can see in your house? and even if you don't have any shoes you can still run feet naked? I am right or correct? It is still up to you. Find what is your real purpose for running the marathon. If it is just to look cute like others in the social media, posting what they are doing then you better steal some nike shoes. But if your purpose is to get healthy and prepare for some important competition then you will use what is available in your surrounding.

Ideas on how to achieve a certain type of goal will never ran out. There are millions of ideas how to achieve something. If you want to become rich, you can join the lottery, rob a bank or work the hardest you can. It is up to you which path you want to take, The decision is yours, it is your life. Just make sure your decision will not bite your ass in the end.