July 12, 2016


You can buy all the Jordans from 1-23 and show it off to the whole world, you can buy all the Guccis, the Louis Vuittons (correct me if I spelled it wrong) but if you just bought it just to look good, rich and famous then there is still something wrong with you. I am not against flashy and expensive things, we all know that those were good but I am trying to make a point here.

Some people just buy expensive things because they wanted to catch a lot of attention, they wanted people to know how rich they are and how capable they are to buy things that many people cannot afford. Again, there is nothing wrong with that if you really love it, if it really makes you feel good. But if you buy things because it can grab attention then you really don't want that thing, you just want the attention from others.

Some people, I am talking about celebrities and billionaires. I will not name them, even if they wear cheap clothes, shoes and fake jewelries.. they still look good and classy. It is simply because they were true to themselves. They don't care if they look classy or not, they just wanted to feel comfortable. Their confidence doesn't come from fancy clothes or golds, they just knew what they want and they are not here to please anyone. They were authentic and people loves true people because this world is occupied by a lot of fakes and pretenders. We seldom see people who were very true to themselves. Almost everyone is seeking for attention and appreciation that is why their happiness is based on the outside and not on the inside.

Never borrow confidence from any brand or expensive things. Only weak people do that, you don't need to have a lot of things or expensive properties to look good. All you need is trust in yourself. Appreciate yourself and be satisfied with what you have, that is the key to look good everyday. Let attention come to you naturally, never force it because you will only look like a fool.

It is not bad to buy those expensive things but you should buy it because you really want it and you know you will be happy having it, and not because it is expensive and people will be amazed at you if you have it. Not because you wanted to look extravagant, buy things because it gives you true emotion without the influence of others.

There are even some people who wears a lot of expensive things but still look cheap. It is simply because they just wear it to impress everyone. Their properties were not congruent to their personality. They were trying hard, no matter what clothes they wear, they were still not standing out.

 But on the other hand there were people who wears the simplest clothes but can catch a lot of attention even if they don't do anything stupid. They look good because they feel good and no clothes or shoes are needed to make them presentable. It is how they carry themselves, they knew they can present themselves to anywhere or anyone by just being genuine.