July 24, 2016


It is true that not being able to travel around the world will make you unhappy, unfulfilled and incomplete. It is true to those who believe it. But if you are very happy pursuing your goal and dying everyday to get it, then travelling is just a waste of time to you. You don't care if you never experience going to different places because you really don't want it. For you, the time spend on travelling can be used in taking steps for the attainment of your goal, travelling for you is just making your progress slow.

It is true that as you age you will become weak, it is true to those who believe it. There are 50 or 60 year old guys that are still competitive and can do great things. Let's say you really feel that your body is getting weak, are you just going to accept it? are you not going to try some other things that will bring back your strength like exercise and dieting? If you believe that age is the barometer of strength then my advise is forget your age, don't celebrate your birthday. Burn your birth certificate, I think that might help.

It is true that only with good educational background will become successful in life. Again, it is true if you believe that. There are lot of people who succeeded in life but didn't even finish studies. I am not saying that you shouldn't go to school. My point here is are you just going to let the lack of diploma make you stuck in a mud? aren't you going to fight? What if you try some business and totally dedicate your life to it? what do you think will happen?

A lot of information and ideas were floating around that are making you hopeless. They make you unhappy, unmotivated and dismay. Are you going to believe those and make yourself limited? Are you going to allow them to take control of your mind and dictate what will make you happy?

It is time to believe what will empower you and make you stronger. It is time to set your own standards of happiness. You are free to believe what you wanted to, are you going to believe the things that will make you feel weak?